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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sportsman #1 information

Naoki Iketani and Daisuke Miyazaki ©Daisuke Miyazaki
My first Sportsman #1! Sportsman is a TV game show on TBS (Japan) that is also produced by Monster 9 (creators of one of my favorite shows - Sasuke) and shown sometime on or around New Year's Day. This year's show has it's own page (finally). Previous winners include Naoki Iketani, Paul ANTHONY Terek, Kane Kosugi and current defending (and 2 time) champion Daisuke Miyazaki.

Going to be blogging late .. but here's preview information for this year's show!

Naoki Iketani and Wakky ©Naoki Iketani

First and foremost.. CHECK UBE'S BLOG! He has some great posts on the 2008 contestants and the challenges from the previous tournament! Muscle Park blog has also being going pretty hard all December showing when Bryan Clay went to the Park. Several personal blogs have been written by Daisuke Miyazaki and Naoki Iketani on this year's event. Daisuke's current one. Naoki's current one.

Daisuke Miyazaki ©TBS

From what I understand only KeyHole is showing this now that TVU has gone the way of the dodo and Livestation stopped carrying it.. /sigh.. I won't have an opportunity to blog until maybe Sunday at the earliest.. I'll take the screenshots and watch it tonight.. then attempt to go to take a nap before I head out to a previous engagement out of state.. wish me luck.. LOL


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Of course I wish you luck, tho I know you won't need it. :) I'll be anxiously awaiting your blog to tell me what I actually saw...

Arsenette said...

Ube will be your savior first :) I do the photos and go to his page going "ooooooooh that's what that meant.." LMAO :) I"m happy he took the time already to get the names for me.. that's going to help a LOT!