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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sasuke Spray - Happy April Fool's Day :)


Sasuke Spray Post on Lost in Ube's blog

In tribute to Ube's wonderful post - Sasuke Spray - I present to you the users of Sasuke Spray..

From Sasuke 20

See how Shingo Yamamoto douses his legs with Sasuke Spray under the tutelage of Mr. Sasuke himself! Result? Death by Half Pipe Attack!

Kenji Takahashi is making sure he's sticking to the course.. big time... Mental note.. usually works better when you use it ON your body.. Result? Death by Flying Chute!

Toshihiro Takeda tries the stuff as well.. Oh Mr. Fireman from Gifu.. you don't use it at work! Result? Death by TIME UPU!!. er.. Timed out on the Rope Wall at the finish!

Here's Mr. Sasuke himself spraying his legs (notice the sheen on his legs already from the dousing done already).. So what if someone didn't make it using the Sasuke Spray technique! He's Mr. Sasuke!

Katsumi Yamada making love to more Sasuke Spray.. as if when he was sitting down it wasn't enough.. Result? Death by Jumping Spider!

From Sasuke 19

Takamasa Nagasaki (right - Big Bro Shunsuke on left) dousing himself with Sasuke Spray before his run..

Making sure he's got EVERY part of his body covered.. Something about this picture .. is .. wrong.. is he trying to get it between his arms? or between his man.. er. boy boobs? Result? Death by Flying Chute!

Mr. Sasuke Himself - Watch Colin Bell drop from the sky? Nah.. He's going to spray himself.. is he up yet? Nope.. he just love Sasuke spray!

From Sasuke 18

Kenji Takahashi spraying himself during the third stage... TWICE.. same run.. Result? Death by Cliff Hanger!

But not EVERYONE likes Sasuke Spray.. it's sticky.. and it gets everywhere...

Shingo Yamamoto passing on the Spray to Makoto Nagano.. "ew...."

All in all if you want the Sasuke Experience you must purchase Sasuke Spray!

Because you too can be COOL like Mr. Sasuke and SASUKE SPRAY!


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I need a can for my Household shrine and also one for my own personal use. Thanks to you and Ube, I can now grasp the dream and be cool like Katsumi.

Arsenette said...

LOL I take no credit for inventing Sasuke Spray... Ube's got one sick SICK mind :) mwahahhahahaha

tricia said...

The expression on his face in the last picture says it all, I THINK I'm too cool.

Arsenette said...

I'm .. too sexy for this spray.. too sexy for this spray..

tricia said...

Excellent song Elsie! Perfect fit.

Arsenette said...

Hey that's one of your quotes I think ;)