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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Favorite Anime Opening and Closing Songs...

Because I felt like doing 2 posts in one day :p So sue me! I picked different styles of music for each.. though this list is quite short considering the amount of music I like in Anime :D

Anime: Witch Hunter Robin - Song: "Shell" - Artist: Bana

Anime: R.O.D. (Read or Die) OVA (or movie) - Song: "R.O.D. - Opening Version" - Artist: Taku Iwasaki

Anime: R.O.D. (Read or Die) T.V. Series - Song: "R.O.D. - Opening Version" - Artist: remixed from the long versions by Taku Iwasaki

Anime: Cowboy Beepop - Song: "Tank" - Artist: Yoko Kanno

Anime: Fruits Basket - Song: "Fruits Basket Theme" (Let's stay together always?(not sure about title.. no ones ever gives out a title for this one) - Artist: Laura Bailey (English voice Actress for the main character of Tohru Honda)

Anime: Trigun - Song: "H.T." - Artist: Tsuneo Imahori

Anime: Ghost in the Shell - Song: "Inner Universe" - Artist: Origa

Anime: Ghost in the Shell - Song: "Rise" - Artist: Origa


Jeannie said...

Hummm, I just got done replying to your post on my blog. Maybe we do listen to different music after all.

I do like some Japanese music, but most of it dates from the 80's. The rock band, Loudness (ラウドネス) really kicks some serious tail. I've got a couple of their albums. And although I like only a handful of songs by B'z, I'm a serious fan of Tak Matsumoto (松本孝弘).

Arsenette said...

Well these songs are from Anime ;) Granted I like the styles (unabashed child of the 80's trash 40 LMAO.. my husband hates the "jungle" music I listen to!)

My styles range wildly from everything under the sun. I have a habit of not liking just one type but dabbling in some.. even some things in general that I won't like (like some southern rock) I might like "one" song or something in the genre. Which is why I love the blogs that you and holly write that include music I've never heard before. What may be old to you is totally new to me.. even if it is decades old!

That said I like these songs for different reasons. Some I liked because of the style and some because I loved the series and adapted to liking the song as well.

One day I'll put a list of music with fantastically bad music but great series.. I'm not sure I want to dabble in that today LMAO!

All this talk of food in your thread .. hmm .. might have to create one with Puerto Rican food.. mmmmmmmmm hungry.. I do have plaintains in my fridge..

Arsenette said...

Gonna have to find me some Tak Matsumoto music in YouTube and send them to me. :D

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Oh yummy! Plantains. I love them! How do you fix yours, Elsie? I know about Cuban food, but not much about Rican food. Is it similar?

Arsenette said...

It's close but sliightly different. Out of the Latin countries based in the Carribean they are the closest in cuisine.

Mine I like them twice fried called "Tostones".. basically take a plantain, cut them in an angle (not circular sorta oblong) fry them until just gold.. take them out.. smash them.. put them in water with garlic.. fry them again.. nice and crispy. I do a sauce that on paper sounds disgusting.. ketchup, mayonaise and garlic (fresh garlic) but goes very well with it.

P.S. Did anyone like the music at all? :D

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Okay, here's my first impression of the music. Please keep in mind that these are just first impressions...
First one: Bana? Music I like, voice, I don't.
Second one: R.O.D. Sounds like a James Bond theme, only more frantic
Third one: Sounds like music from a 70"s blacksploitation flick, or maybe Starsky and Hutch (lol)
Fourth one: another frantic Bond theme.
Fifth one: can't really hear it all that good. Crappy speakers on my computer.
Sixth one: "H.T.": Good music, like it.
Seventh one: "Inner Universe": Gave me a headache.
Eight one: "Rise" : also gave me a headache.
Sorry. I just don't care for much Japanese music. My neices used to blast it on the stereo every time I went to visit. It made me want to scream and run away. It was a very harsh introduction to that genre. I'm still not over it.

Arsenette said...

LOL Starsky and Hutch :) Wow that's a flashback!

SKW doesn't like "jungle" music.. Hubby would be proud :p

Arsenette said...

Oh! P.S. Witch Hunter Robin.. think of Cop show about people taking down witches with extraordinary powers.

R.O.D. - It's exactly like James Bond.. but the agents have super abilities... main character can manipulate paper at will to be anything she wants.

R.O.D. TV series.. takes place 5 years later.. with sisters.. all have powers with paper.. ties in with old story line as main person from OVA is missing.

Cowboy Beebop is another cop show (they are the sorta like .. how do I explain it.. thieves? in space..)

Fruits basket is about a girl who meets a family that's cursed by the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac. Whenever someone of the opposite sex hugs them or they are in stress.. they transform into the 12 animals of the zodiac.. oh.. and the cat :p

Trigun - futuristic story of a man who's got the worst luck in the world.. destruction follows him wherever he goes.. a lot deeper than that.. but it's basically set in a futuristic western society.. hard to explain..

Ghost in the Shell (both First and Second series and movies) is about Cyborgs and Humans living together. The society that this woman tha'ts constantly shown is a secret police force to take care of odd and unusual incidents.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I know what I mean by "jungle" music, but what do you mean by it?

Arsenette said...

Hubby has that as any thumping driving beat with no real sense of music.. he hates it LOL so for him it's derogatory to any trash 40 (or top 40) 80's music or club music.

I like my Jungle music :D

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Ah... gotcha. I guess it's the same, then. Or pretty close.

Arsenette said...

LOL don't keep me hanging :) What's your version?

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

The stuff with no sense of timing. The stuff that is just loud, frantic, with no "flow" to it. The stuff that just sounds like... noise, basically.

Arsenette said...

Ah yes :) That's hubby's description of it to a T :)