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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sasuke 20 Spoilerific review!

Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 20.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this!

I woke up this morning thinking of Sasuke 20 :) Checked my boards and sure enough there was a live link to television viewing from Japan. Picked my TBS link and watched what was basically a PowerPoint presentation of what was airing live in Japan. That said I enjoyed watching it! I got flashbacks from of my watching Figure Skating competitions through Russian, Turkish, British and Italian TV (2008 World Figure Skating Championships from Sweden I watched through Turkish TV listening to British Eurosport with a 15 second delay in sound LOL. I'm still having visions as if I watched the whole thing in replay...).

(shot of everyone lined up doing the prerequisite yell to show the start of Sasuke 20!)

Anywho.. checked to see if anyone else was on and seems everyone was sleeping at 5 am.. bleh.. have to wait.. won't start until almost 6 am my time.. Okay.. I’m not good like Ube.. and half the people I don't know.. but I'll try to give my impressions. Should be starting in about 8 minutes.. watching news.. great commercials.. something must be in that Japan water.. WHOOT right channel They gave a Sasuke 20 commercial - 05:52:43 Eastern Standard time.. I hear my husband’s alarm going off in the background.. almost time for work..

(this was my view all morning ;) that's Akiyama who had the priviledge of starting as #1 - Go Akiyama!)

05:55:51 started! Just to let you know up front.. NO Bunpei Shiratori, NO Shunsuke Nagasaki (or Daisuke Nakata cheering him or otherwise), NO Koji Yamada and No Paul Anthony Terek! I understand Bunpei (Sasuke Maniac showed him saying that he would not be there – resting a bad back he’s had hurt since Sasuke 19 I’m told), Shunsuke is competing in the summer Olympics in Trampoline and it would be insane if he hurt himself in a gameshow in Olympic year.. Koji? Not a clue.. I hope he’s not hurt.. looking forward to seeing Mr. Gifu 3% body fat fire fighter in Sasuke 21. Oh and another word of warning… I’m not covering everyone like Ube does.. I just don’t know them enough and quite frankly I have my favorites :D They are using the numbers (like in Sasuke 10) counting to 2000 (instead of 100) so the numbers are 1900 (Akiyama) – 2000 (Nagano)

The obligatory posing shots of people (half of which I don’t know).. Daisuke Miyazaki (handball guy) and his teammates.. I won’t even bother with trying to get many names.. I leave that to Ube since I can’t understand the Japanese and can’t read Kanji so unless I recognize people we are totally S.O.L. - Brett Sims (American Ninja Warrior/G4) is lined up with Levi and Brian (ANC winners for season 2).

(What's left of the All-Stars getting ready for Akiyama's run)

With the introductions and interviews of everyone we start.. Katsuhito Akiyama is back! WHOOT!!!!! He passes all the other obstacles well! I’m so proud of him! Passes the Jumping Spider! Good run for Akiyama but he fell in the water... that rope YEEEEEEEEEHAWW thing (Halfpipe attack).. looks like he mistimed and didn't get a good grip on the rope.. fell short of the landing pad. Hard to see I’m sure but am very happy he got as far as he did. All stars are upset but still cheer him on. Nagano is taking it pretty hard.. I’m sure he wanted him a lot further. They are showing the audience and Nagano is still upset sitting in the stands.. awwww (after the second guy drops into the water. .jumpgu spidah – channeling my inner Ube ;) )

(Toshihiro Takeda and Makoto Nagano doing the "awwwwww" look after Akiyama drops into the septic sludge)

OMG mister pants is back – the idiot who tried to take off his clothes.. got his pants stuck on his sneakers.. but still tried to get on the course only to splash down and take the camera guy with him.. glad TBS allowed him to come back.. oh! Break away pants now LMAO But down on the log grip! Another American - some Swat guy. 38 years old.. went down on the Jumping Spider.. He missed trampoline center and had no lift. Never seen him before might not again.

(Makoto Nagano reacting to a question from reporter/interviewer after Akiyama's run)

Let me explain to you something.. it’s been 22 minutes and the TBS Camera loves the handball guy - Daisuke Miyazake! LOL cracks me up how they just break in the middle of a run for a commercial.. every time.. I’m just so used to American television that it’s quite jarring from my perspective to see it just stop…

(Shingo Yamamoto and Makoto Nagano reacting to someone's inevitable fate!)

Half hour in show.. Wow no one has passed the Great wall this time! Kenji Takahashi sighting.. same hair .. either hasn’t grown out of he likes the shavings across the noggin..

(Kenji Takahashi sporting the doooooooo.. )

First clear! 37 year old father - ex Olympic Runner (Ube’s log tells me his name is Yoshiyuki Okuyama).

Next ones I recognize .. oh.. LOL the most famous gut in Japan!! Koriki Chōshū.. down he goes early.. (as if I wasn’t expecting but still I thought he’d get past or up to log grip!). Aww 55 year old Nomura takes a bath from the Log Grip. I swear this man was a HEARTBREAKER in his youth.. still good for 55 ;)

LOL staring at the scenery again gals.... Nagano and Yamada (Katsumi) are chatting up a storm in the background only half paying attention to the action in front of them. Omg that skeleton man who’s a model maker. someone mail him a burger please.. 2 steps like last time.. Minoru "Mr. Octopus" Kuramochi whoah.. surprised to see him go down so early after 19’s run to the pole! Has his own theme song LMAO! LOL So does Hang Glider guy.. lol they all have their own theme songs!

(Shingo pointing and laughing at the spectacle!)

Commercials again.. Carpenters background music for this commercial LOL "I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation... " (Channeling my inner Karen Carpenter.. may she rest in peace)..

We are back.. Boy I feel especially bad for those who qualified to get here.. and go down..

Russelis siting If not in a video. GO Blackie Chan! (Nagano and rest of Allstars looking intense watching from the walkway) ANC (American Ninja Warrior) guys coming up! Brian is up first! Great Jumpingu spidah! Great wall! FLying shooooooooT Commercial! LMAO (bastages.. they know how to create a cliffhanger moment..)

Back from Commercial.. looks like a good grip on the rope (I swear it's closer... and lower... which is a good thing!)

GAAAAAAAAAAAAH in water! Whiplash?

Great shot of Nagano mwahahhahahah he's looking great. Someone asked him something (he was upset about Brian) then he started laughing at the question.. wonder what that was.

(Watching scenery again.. and if you didn't notice.. this guy is hot.. sorry.. er.. Makoto Nagano looking at the action around him - Toshihiro Takeda behind him)

Sorry.. distracted by Nagano to be paying attention who was the next person to take a bath.. Brett is next! Surprised but HAPPY he’s back. I assume he paid his way back but happy he got another invite from TBS. I prefer him from the ones last year but it’s my own personal choice ;) He's got another set of American pants! Revenge on Jumpingu Spidah! Passed half pipe.. COMMERCIAL!

Back from half pipe... Losing time on wall.. bah.. timed out on wall. "It's fantastic" is his quote lol he’s still as animated as a doorknob.. Honma is a lot bigger now.. remember when he first came on.. fell off pole maze.. Random soccer player.. so random they showed a video of him and pointed an arrow to him on the field LOL Drank of the septic sludge anyway.. Half pipe attacked him back.. Starting to get dark now. They are blowing through the people.. and we still have 3 hours left of the broadcast! Random Handball guy.. didn't let go of Half pipe attack.. swung back.. and STILL missed landing.. LOL Nagano loved that one!

(All-Stars having fun watching Shingo BATHE himself in sticky spray.. I can see the sheen on his skin that he's dang drenched in this stuff..)

SHINGO YAMAMOTO!!!!!! Half pipe attack!!!! Commercial.. gaaaah.. lots of Allstar support. Everyone's smiling C'mon Shingo! (yea... like if this was live LOL) yes.. they are back.. Dammmmmmmmmmmmmn.. Misjudged landing.. he's like the 5th today to miss that landing off the Friggin' Half pipe!!!!! daaaaaaaaaaaangit!

(Shingo never getting a firm grasp of the spongy ground and down he goes .. face first..)

Replay shows he landed.. had waaaaaay too much momemtum and just plummeted to the other side.

(Shingo in utter disgust coming out of the water and onto the platform.. that he missed..)

Allstars in utter shock..

(Toshihiro Takeda reacting to Shingo's fall into the septic sludge...)

The replay is going over and over and over again...

(Makoto trying to make sense of it all by talking to the rest of the All-Stars about Shingo's handgrip on the rope)

Poor Shingo is slow to move to get interviewed..

(Shingo takes one last look at that Rope.... Stupid Half Pike Attack.. you'll get yours..)

Alas.. time to get interviewed.. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah..

(Shingo utterly disgusted at himself.. though he smiled through the whole interview in a "shucks"-type fashion)

Iketani time.. older brother Yukio first.. Dangit.. still upset about Yamamoto to care.. /crrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy Down in the Log grip.. Naoki doesn't seem to care LOL he's putting on his sneakers. Geez are we only on one person cleared? LOL Naoki is totally bathing in that stupid sticky spray! Did he spend time with Yamada? LOL

Naoki next.. lol Commercials already.. good.. potty break.. made it back to see Naoki start again.. LOL he's sliding like nuts in the jumping spider wall! Down he goes.. aww what a shame for kewpie.

(Makoto Nagano just utterly disgusted at how the day is turning out.. shades of Sasuke 19 bigtime..)

OMG they are going to show Shinji!!!!!! Yay Kobayashi time!

(Haven't seen him in ages.. though he entered the last few Sasuke's.. TBS just loved to cut him out of the broadcast!)

Daaaaaaaaaamn jumping spider ate another one..

(Stupid Jumpingu Spidah ate another one.. water is getting darker.. many many dreams are drowning in it at the moment..)

Wow he was 1985.. please say all the rest of the allstars make it.. Oh! Takahashi's brother! stupid landing half pipe attack.. whats' that.. 8 now missed the platform?? LOL Kenji is making love to the spray too!

(Fire sale on Sticky Spray.. Kenji Takahashi is making sure he's sticking to the course.. big time)

Stupid Flying shoot! He missed.. tried to hand grip it and fell into the water just like Nagano did in 19...

(Gaaaaaaaaaaah Takahashi I feel your pain!!!!! He went flying down that chute!)

This Takahashi went out with his brother Kenji.. was not the buttfloss guy.. (didn't even see him . unless I didn't recognize him with his clothes on.. LOL).. No he didn't fit out like he did before.. but he was dissapointed.. he almost looked like Bunpei from 19 getting out of the water.. He slowly made his way to the interviewer and was just visibly disappointed but conducted a full interview.

(Takahashi reminded me a lot of Bunpei Shiratori coming out of the water - from Sasuke 19...)

Levi is next (ANC guy).. He cleared! We have number 2 cleared! 16 seconds left what a great run! LOL newsbreak Now back to our regularly scheduled program.. Digest of the day..

(Baby Nagasaki.. er.. Takamasa Nagasaki (minus big brother Shunsuke) sporting the wolfin' haircut.. or lack of haircut..)

Takamasa's here!!!!! 19 years old now Dad's there.. I don't see Shunsuke.. Dangit.. wall is eating him! He's not passing the wall. but 15 seconds left.. timed out before he touched rope to go to exit..

(Makoto Nagano now wondering if this is a repeat of Sasuke 19.. he's not at all happy..)

Motorcross guy next.. we still have just 2 guys past the first stage.. he's 1991.. wow we are running out of competitors.. Damn! That landing from the Half pipe is just eating people today! I count more than 10 now..

(Toshihiro Takeda (who's now joined at the hip with Nagano) is wondering as well if this is Sasuke 10 part deux..)

Roller skating guy next.. bathing in sticky spray.. Long intro.. time for commercial.. came back and he drank of Midoriyama's septic sludge..

(Makoto Nagano is disgusted that Motorcross guy didn't make it.. He was one of only 2 guys to make it to Stage 2 in Sasuke 19..)

Jotchev is back! he's 35 now. he's 1995.. so we are coming down the wire.. passed half pipe.. Commercials lol Back to our regular scheduled program already in progress.. Wall giving him problems.. LOL Nagano and Takeda just talking to each other and not paying attention.. timed out on wall.. Jotchev saying he didn't have luck like a lot of the other guys. Nice guy Almost completely grey now.

(Takeda and Nagano are still discussing how much suckitude is in the air.. you can feel the tension in the air building.. not many people left!)

Another of the handball guys.. not sure who this one is.. just know Daisuke and he's not up yet. Stil only 2 guys that cleared.. Down on the log grip!

(Shingo, Katsuhito Akiyama and Takeda are sharing a moment.. All-stars are looking pretty down right now..)

Looks like Takeda is next.. Yamada AND Nagano slap his back – a congregation of All-star magic is surrounding Takeda

(Wait.. I think I have Levi hitting him on the back too! Good luck there Takeda!)

HE's bathing in sticky spray.. good lord.. LOL Video getting really choppy.. must be a lot of people pinging server LOL

(THIS is not the face of a confident man.. Poor Takeda.. he's petrified!)

Off we go.. he's on the course.. up the wall in one shot.. hanging on the rope off the flying shoot!......... finally off .. 15 seconds to run and get the rope!!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaah Commercial! We are back.... staring at my nails.. don't bite.. don't bite.. Nooooooooooo Timed out on rope wall!

(Even with 5 seconds added from Sasuke 19.. Takeda dangled from the rope of the Flying Chute waaaaaaaay too long.. )

Utter shock from everyone.. A whole bunch of Nande's .. (what's going on.. I think) and a Shingo "gaaaaaaah" Nagano looks friggin' down..

(Sasuke 19 all over again.. Just one more All-star.. and given his track record.. it's going to come down to Makoto.. again.. To save the day)

A bunch of shaking heads.. why is Sato after Takeda? I mean damn he's never passed stage one.. he shouldn't be so high.. /end rant.. Down as expected.. Wall ate him.. Why am I not upset? Wish I had a fast forward.. dangit .. he passed wall.. bah.. commercials.. Sato coming after commercial break.. I can't wait.. K we are back.. hanging on rope on flying shoot.. finally on ground.. didn't even get to rope..

(Nagano watching Wacky compete.. he's not at all confident)..

Nagano giving support to Wacky (I think that's his nickname).. then walks away when he sees Sato time out.. Still pissed Sato was so high on the rotation.. again.. /sigh.. get over it.. Yeah I think it's "Wacky" next.. - Sportsman #1 clips.. STILL 2 people past stage 1.. Yep.. they announced Wacky.. Bah.. down on Half pipe landing..

Daisuke bathing his legs in the sticky stuff.. showing Nagano trying to pump himself up.. everyone just in a freaked out look. Main Handball guy that Ube linked in the main page - Daisuke Miyazaki - he's hot... He's 26! he's 1998.. they must have futz with the lineup in the television show again.. Mistah Handabol..

(Again.. Half Pike Attack course is totally bloated with the bodies of the fallen.. Poor New Kid on the Block Daisuke Miyazaki)

ANOTHER one missed half pipe attack!!!!!!!!!!!! Nagano is doing everything he can to pump up Mr. Sasuke who looks like he's going to cry.

(Nagano and Yamada can see the fall coming.. it's.. almost.. there..)

Either they over shoot the landing or under shoot it.. wow.. never seen so many missed that platform!!

(Poor Nagano. trying to help Yamada but Yamada's confidence .. if any were left.. is not completely gone..)

Daisuke manages to get himself out of the sludge and have a nice interview.

(Can't understand a single word he's saying.. but Daisuke tried his best and did pretty good for his first time out!)

Katsumi Yamada is next.. btw.. WHERE IS KOJI!!!!!!??!??!?!??!?! In my excitement I totally missed him.. couldn't have been cut .. was he even here??

(Katsumi Yamada making love to more sticky spray.. as if when he was sitting down it wasn't enough.. I swear it's his pacifier..)

Looks like an armband and not a tattoo.. will you put that damn bottle of sticky spray down? Nagano talking.. again can't understand.. oh I see his black shirt underneath.. that's right he's after him.. wow.. almost done stage 1 and STILL only 2 guys out of stage 1

(Katsumi Yamada totally rocking a Superman pose.. not going to help... I"m sure.. what's up with that armband?)


(Shingo can't bear to look at Yamada imploding again..)

Obligatory All-Star shock pictures..

(Nagano totally upset screaming KUSO!!!!!! (that's DAMN for those of you at home..)

Akiyama comforting Nagano who's now getting his sneakers on..

(Katsuhito Akiyama sneaking in to help raise Makoto's spirits.. he's dooooown right now..)

Katsumi is totally avoiding the camera.. Feels like 19 all over again.. good lord.. GO GO NAGANO!!!!!!!

(Nagano being interviewed after Mr. Sasuke's demise.. well.. they couldn't interview Yamada.. )

Now they start the massive intro for Makoto Nagano..

(Makoto notices Akiyama and smiles in approval)

Total red hair on Nagano.. it's glaring how bright it is.. even in the dark.. All stars except Katsumi all gather around him.. damn almost missed the hospital shot.. very short..

(Photo from the long opening bio of Makoto.. have no idea where he was going sporting the new suit..)

Video bio of him showing him with his stay in the hospital.. TOTALLY missed the shot of him in the hospital bed looking pathetic .. with a smile.. /sigh.. was too busy moving the windows.. I had 4 of them open..

(Looks like a politician? He's doing the slap on back good luck thingie that Takeda and Nagano have become famous for)

Video is still going and they cut back to the staring block where he's surrounded by friends.

(Makoto Nagano getting support from Toshihiro Takeda and Katsuhito Akiyama.. Nagano just grinds his hands into the carpet trying to psyche himself up.. he's really having issues)


(Nagano can't take a deep enough sigh.. He's almost ready to take on the course..)

My God.. this intro is taking a lifetime!

(With a rebel yell.. dangit Holly.. I can't stop thinking of Billy Idol now.... oh.. sorry.. Makoto getting himself psyched for his turn.. last one.. number 2000 in the Sasuke 20 competition)

ROCKING the course.. totally flying.. flying shoot.. COMMERCIAL!!!!

He had EVERYONE around him.. They were swarming him at the beginning.. Katsumi just walked passed the camera in utter disgust.. Still only 2 people.. wow.. still waiting on Nagano.. damn I hate commercials..

We are back.. still holding my breath.. good Lord.. by the way.. still getting over how PALE he looks.. Still have that rocking tan in my mind..

(Takes time to greet his fans in approval.. before he touches red button.. friggin' showoff :p )

YEAY!!!!!!!!!! LOL Nagano slowed down knowing he had time.. bowed to audience.. then raised arms.. then hit button with like 8 secs left.. he could have made it with less time.

(Katsumi Yamada shocking the living crap out of me.. he sneered.. turn in disgust and walked away AFTER MAKOTO'S RUN! Wtf is up with that!?!?)

Yamada looks upset!!

(Looks like Nagano took notice of his "friend"'s unsportsmanlike behavior...)

He looks utterly relieved. .but Yamada is nowhere to be seen.. he walked away in disgust! I mean seriously.. didn't clap .. nothing.. I'm surprised how much of a poor sport he was.. I mean.. there was no "story" or anything. .he just winced.. turned around.. and walked away.. what's up with that??

(Smiling when he got to the interviewer.. he seems sooo relieved he didn't swim in teh septic sludge..)

Guys swarmed him as he came in screaming.. Utter relief.. and smiles from everyone there.

(Lineup for Stage 2!! - Former Olympic Runner, Freestyler and Commercial Fisherman)

They introduced second stage.. interviews. looks like 24th, 89th and 100th.. made it to second stage. Recap of 19 and showing Koji.. he wasn't here this year.. what a shame.. also motorcross guy (he was there this year scroll back to see).. Showing everyone getting pumped up.. running, stretching.. more interviews..

K story on the runner.. we must be ready to start.. wow they wasted a lot of time.. I have no idea about Yamada.. Yep.. runner first.. name going too fast.. Salmon Ladder going up with ease!!!!!!! Commercials.. I swear the commercials are getting longer LMAO

We are back.. Olympic sprinter is he's rocking the salmon ladder.. nice and smooth and going up with speed! He failed the stick slider?? STRAIGHT into the water! everyone in shock!

(Makoto again thinking this is going to be Sasuke 19.. again.. watches as Runner dude totally pwns the stick slider.. I mean.. I asked once if someone can FAIL it.. My question was just answered..)

I mean.. he rocked the salmon ladder. .was supposed to go across and then slide into the mat.. totally missed it!

(Makoto and Levi have a moment They are the last 2 men standing..)

Levi video.. he's next.. good lord.. we still have another hour I think. Nagano talking about Levi.. not a clue as to what.. all smiles though..

(Makoto talking about Levi.. he's optomistic.. go G4 guy!)

Here we go..

Levi doing well in the salmon ladder.. .. going accross.. Damn commercials.. LOL I'm having hysterics! I can't believe I can TYPE! LOL my screenshots file must be in the 500 range LMAO Everytime I see him I click like a mad woman with a shutter problem.. I'm convinced.. they saved all the commercials for now.. bastards..

K we are back

Levi Rocked teh Salmon ladder! DESTROYED Stage 2!!!!!!!! 38 seconds left! I mean UTTERLY DESTROYED Stage 2!!!!!!!! Annihilated.. pwned.. ripped.. slammed.. I'm running out of words!

Nagano wants 2 slaps on the back. he's NERVOUS!

(Makoto is beyong nervous.. Takeda does his hand slap on the back thing.. no good.. do it again Takeda..)

Takeda complies..

(Takeda smiling.. c'mon Nagano.. get with the program.. Levi did excellent.. you can do the same!)

Now it's now Makoto's turn.. wait.. replays and interview.. Long intro bear with me.. Yamada back.. looking sullen.. group is there.. everyone is there.. all holding breath..

(Is it my imagination or all they ALL Staring at how Yamada is just standing there not even looking at Makoto??)

Levi walks up the tower and gives him a hug. High five.. a handshake.. a good luck.. thumbs up... smiles all around.. no trepidation look.. damn I love Levi.. THANK YOU LEVI!!

(Levi wishing Makoto luck.. oh.. so THAT'S what it says behind Makoto's trademark black tanktop..)

Makoto looks like he just saw a ghost.. still waiting for gate to go up.. still looks petrified.. everyone giving him thumbs up.. intro.. gate comes up.. looking down.. looking intense.. COMMERCIAL!

(THAT is not the face of a confident man.. Gah he looks haggered..)


(the WTF moment of the tournament.. Levi agrees with me!!)


(Wow.. just .. wow.. I'm sure Nagano expected something goofy to happen.. but no one could have predicted this!!)

He missed the rope!!

(First time I notice that that thing is not on rails!!)

He lost his balance on that platform thing.. it was moving the whole time he was coming down.. I swore he was trying to surf it!

(Wow check out how far HIS right the tray thingie whatever it's called was when he finally grabbed the rope!

Just grabed rope but his body was sliding sideways..

(see how tilted he was?? Wow.. that just utterly sucks!)

What a bad break!

(Makoto just laughing it off.. Wow.. he lost a lot of weight if that shirt that usually is spraypainted on is hanging on him like that.. even wet.. poor guy.. stupid 3 week hospital trip..)

Levi is the only one in stage 3! G4 is going to have a coronary!

They are recapping 18's run of stage 3. Showing Levi how the course is run.. new obstacles.. wow I'm still in shock.. Nagano is being interviewed a lot about stage 3! Looks like he thinks he can do it. (meaning Levi) More intro for Levi.. I smell another commercial coming.. I'm still in shock the only person in Stage 3 is an AMERICAN LOL More Nagano and Levi. Levi is saying he's hoping to pass it to show the Allstars what Stage 4 looks like.

(Makoto wishes Levi good luck! Wow he's a shrimpy next to Levi :)

A lot of Nagano support Levi must be in cloud 9! Stage 3 looks badass...

Passed the ring thingies.. more Nagano.. he's walking the course alone with him.. (at least.. wait..) Takeda and Nagano are yelling for his attention.. LEVI!!! LEVI!!

(Like this Levi says.. listening to Takeda and Nagano yelling at him to change his grip)

Globe grasp they are telling him how to do it.. Change your grip.. Thanks Levi for listening!! Unlike morons from last year.. Passed it easily with grip change. Takeda and Nagano nod in approval. Akiyama has joined them.. that ladder thingie.. passed easily. Nods of approval and a bunch of talking to each other and pointing (yeah that's what we have to do next time)..

(Akiyama, Takeda and Nagano all hoping Levi passes so they can see the Heartbreaker.. )

Didn't watch the next one forgot to watch. was too busy typing since I smelled a commercial and I was right! He's up to cliffhanger and commercial started..

We are back.. cliffhanger..

(Watching.. watching.. approaching death area of Sasuke 18....)

he missed the drop down.. same place everyone lost in 18

(Yep.. just like Sasuke 18.. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Couldn't hang on.. lots of claps all around.. great job ANC guy!

(Makoto and Nagano have a moment.. awwwwwwwww)

One last hug and "awwwww" from nagano and credits.. show is over. Great speech from Levi saying he doesn't see American and Japanese.. the course is about Human potential. Great class!!!

(More of the Awwww moment between Makoto and Levi as the credits roll)

It's going to take me a while.. peeking into my screen shots folder.. 286 photos LMAO

Figured as well now (to do the blog) that I'm not STRESSED.. I feel a lot better now So nice to see Makoto very smilie. LOL even in the water he was giggling He must have been soooooooo stressed.

(Final shot of Levi and Makoto taking in the course.. one.. last.. time..)

Also very happy Makoto had the CLASS (never doubted him) along with Takeda to help Levi out. THAT is why I love them! THAT is class It was cute seeing them go "LEVI LEVI".. then Levi looked over.. saw the guys show the grip (straight up) since he was motioning (as if in practice) what he was planning to do. Then he DID what they told him to and aced the globe grasp. So happy Levi Meeuwenberg was nice! We are proud.. G4 will be ecstatic!


lostinube said...

Thanks for the photographs! I'm too lazy to do them myself!
It was great how the All-Stars were backing up Levi during his 3rd Stage run. In fact, it really looks like the All-Stars were taking care of the ANWC guys all day long.
The guy in the suit with Nagano is Hideo Higashikokubaru, governor of Miyazaki. He is or was also a well-known comedian.

Arsenette said...

AH! I know I've seen him but wasn't sure .. seemed like a politician.. I totally missed the shot with him in the hospital.. email me that pic..

Yeah I took 286 pictures and still managed to fubar it and miss one.. bleh.. posted 77 I think.. some didn't come out so hot..

THANK YOU for sending us that link! I was a happy camper!

Jeannie said...

Very nice job! Thanks so much for all of your hard work.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

What an awesome job, Elsie! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Big, squishy, girlie hugs from me. HA!

Arsenette said...

LOL I should rename the blog.. Sasuke.. Chick's point of view :) mwahhahahahaha

Montay said...

Wow ... your posting was great! What dedication! Now I really, really want to see the full show, not the cut up version we get here with G4. Takeda and Nagano are the best, aren't they? That is what being a true sportsman is all about. Thanks for sharing!


pamwax said...

Elsie This was great and the pictures make the whole thing come alive. Thanks for doing it.

Chaki said...

Hi, It's Cutey.
Wow. Great pics and chick's view. I also laughed my way through Ube's description. Think TBS is planning to air some handball games soon???

Some info I caught that was missing from both blogs:

1) First white guy, Canadian, unemployed but PAID his way over. That was his ticket, so to speak. Monster9 was so impressed with his determination to fork out expenses that they let him on!

Nagano comments:
1) Early on, he's laughing after promising on camera there is no way he will fall after the chute again.

2) Miyazaki Governor is telling Nagano about how REALLY gross the ditches of Takeshi's Castle was. A former comedian, Higashi was part of Takeshi Kitano's comic raiders on that show.

3) After falling in the water, Nagano says that he was really nervous after his long hospital stay. He knew the boardslide wasn't his strong point and let the fear get to him.

Shingo's comment after Nagano falls:
OMG, it was like EXACTLY how he predicted he'd fall! That he's be on it all wobbly and lose his balance.

lostinube said...

Thanks for the extra info. I totally skimmed over the part with Nagano and Sonomanma but the connection between Takeshi's Castle and SASUKE is really neat.

The one who paid his own way over, was that Michael Milner? Did you catch anything about James August Eddy?

Arsenette said...

Hey guys! Thanks for all the nice comments :) Never did it before and was in no way to compete with how Ube does things.. I just got carried away with my trigger finger and comments :D

You know.. I've never seen Nagano so outright freaked out like I did with Stage 2.. so he predicted it? Gotta love Shingo's candid remarks. I wish I knew Japanese to enjoy them more.. half the time he speaks and the room lights up with laughter. He sounds like he's quite the jokester!

Thanks for the rest of the information as well - Obviously not knowing Japanese and not recognizing a lot of people it's sweet knowing what we missed! Interesting about Higashi's participation in Takeshi's castle AND being governor of the same prefecture Nagano's from.. talk about being a small world..

Chaki said...

Ube, I don't tape it so I can't review names but there was the SWAT guy, the Canadian, Brett (is it Smith or Sims?) and Levi (with the way names are bastardized in katakana, it's hard to tell but would) Muelenberg(?) My guess is just as off as someone else's. The only participant name I can confirm is Lance Terpend. (If you ever are incline to include him in Wiki!).

Arsenette said...

L.A.N.C.E. LANCE! I have that burned in my brain from Sasuke 19 video :) He seemed like a really nice guy and it sucks he couldn't compete this year although he was given an invite!

Brett Simms was the G4 runner up from last year (American). This year was Levi Meeuwenberg from Ann Arbor, Michigan and Brian Orosco of San Francisco, California (ripped right from the wiki :).

Arsenette said...

Whoops correction.. Sims only has 1 M :)

Monique M said...

Great job Arsenette, and thanks also to lostinube and Cutey for the additional info! What would we do without you all and everyone who takes time from their busy day to give us such great information! Thanks, we really appreciate it!

Wonder Woman said...

Arsenette, you are my hero!!! I loved the play-by-play, even though it was basically Sasuke 19 redux. Thank you for taking the time to blog the whole thing with great pictures! I can't wait to watch it to mourn Nagano's loss and celebrate Levi's run!!!

Thanks again,

Eric Draven said...

I found these incredible blogs and now I'm reading them every day. Arsenette, I can see you have the KeyHole Tv program, but could you please tell me who did you take those pictures from the Sasuke show? I'm fan from another Japanese shows and I'd LOVE totake pics of them. Thanks for your consideration!

Arsenette said...

I used a clipper program that takes photos of whatever is on my desktop. The video program was a stream so I just kept hitting my print screen and hoped the pictures came out. It was a crappy feed but was happy to even see it. Once the pictures of my desktop were there I just cropped them to fit only the what was on the video screen. As you see at the end I was getting tired of teh cropping and you see the lines of the program around it ;)

Eric Draven said...

(Do you mind to tell me what program is that?) But anyhow you did it it was just awesome! Great job, patience and dedication. You're a true fan!

Arsenette said...

"Clipper" is the name of the photo software I used. I've had it for a couple years and am not sure.. I think I got it from like 5 years ago. It's small self contained program that doesn't embed itself anywhere. Which I like :) Half these new programs like to embed themselves into the core of each machine..

Eric Draven said...

Thank you SO much! (Now maybe I'll be able to take pics of my fav animes and Japanese tv series from Veoh! ;)
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Arsenette said...

You are welcome :) Glad you enjoyed the site as well :) It was with the intention of sharing my enthusiam that I decided to write about it. Glad others enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Even if it was a Makoto Nagano gushfest :D

tricia said...

Excellent job Elsie as always.

Milner said...

I have it on good authority that "Former SWAT Guy" #1910 will try to compete again at SASUKE 21.

Arsenette said...

Sweet is that you Michael? :D

Milner said...

It is indeed me, no longer lurking, and in the market for a mini-trampoline.

Arsenette said...

You did great! If I may ask how was your total experience of Sasuke? Mine of course is watching through a tiny screen of fast moving pictures (lol how the connection kept going and coming so it looked like powerpoint at one point). Exciting to see more foreigner that are not tied to G4 :)

P.S. You did very well! That's a hard course!!!!!

Milner said...

In a nutshell, I was notified on 3/10/08 that I'd been selected to compete on 3/17. Travel from Virginia to Japan on 3/14 over 3/15. The morning of was very hectic, and I didn't have a Japanese translator with me. I had a low number, so I didn't get a chance to relax or really get settled before my run. I was most concerned about the Jumping Spider, due to a complete lack of trampoline training, and my misstep there took me down. Overall, a fun and challenging experience.

Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully, I did well enough and made a sufficiently favorable impression with the producers to earn an invite back in September (this time with a bit more advanced notice).

Arsenette said...

Sweet :) Your inclusion gives hopes to others living outside of Japan to participate as well. Over the winter it was very depressing to hear of no other Americans being allowed to go unless they were G4. So nice to be proven wrong.

P.S. I wish there was a translator there to help you! Sucks they didn't use the one that was from G4.. meh.. my opinion of them sours by the second (not the competitors.. I mean the company).

Milner said...

One of the TBS staffers spoke English and was very helpful, but she was juggling a million tasks at once. The G4 staffers were quite busy as well, but they seemed nice. They did a separate interview with me after my swim, so I have only good things to say about those folks. I know that one other non-Japanese (Read: Canadian), non-G4 competitor also had positive dealings with them.

Arsenette said...

OKay I feel better now :D I can't stand what they are doing here in the US trying to supress any and all information so it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe they will show you favorably in the G4 broadcast in May. Btw.. did you see your run at all?

Milner said...

One of my new Japanese fans posted it for me to view. Being my own harshest critic, I've dissected every step and misstep a million times over. I now know how the All-Stars feel when they apologize for letting everyone down and then vow to train harder and return.

Arsenette said...

Knowing my own personality I'd do the same thing as well .. but I still pledge support and comfort for those brave enough to tackle that beast. Looks fun as hell though :) Wish I was younger and in better shape.. would have loved to have tried that course.. even if I am a woman :p

P.S. I'm excited you have Japanese fans :D So nice!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Wow Elsie! How cool is this? Having a real, actual competitor commenting on your blog! I'm being honest. I think it's quite an honor. I hope g4 shows your entire run, Michael, so I can see it. (whenever they get around to showing the program)..

Milner said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and encouragement.

I expect that more clips from the Japanese broadcast will continue to find their way to the Internet.

merimask said...

New kid here again...

I love this entry! Apparently G4 changed quite a lot from the original Sasuke broadcast...there were a lot of screenshots in here from scenes that just never made it into the Ninja Warrior broadcast.

Interesting thing, though: they did translations (of course) & while I'm never sure of G4's accuracy when translating Japanese...apparently Yamada said (right before his attempt) that he "Just wanted to show those who would follow how it's done (meaning, how to complete the course I guess)." The only one following him was Nagano. :-/ Doesn't that seem like a sort of nasty thing to say?

I wonder what the heck is going on between those two.

Arsenette said...

Ah Yamada is always good for some old fashioned drama.. LOL

I wish we had better access to the TBS broadcast. I've finally gotten to see it again and wanted to redo my blog.. haven't decided on it yet though.. will take some thinking since I missed so much the first time around (getting used to the flow of the program and not taking enough pictures.. I might just leave it as such.. meh.. who knows lol.

Thanks for stopping by!