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Saturday, March 29, 2008

So you think you can dance?

I'm never really into reality TV.. I hate Survivor.. hate Fear Factor.. hate American Idol.. so.. why was it a couple years ago when I went to my best friend's house and saw something on TV.. I LIKED? Because you can't FAKE dancing.. you either can.. or you can't.. no amount of musical masturbation is going to save you if you can't dance.. you can fake singing, you can fake being "real" in a reality show but you can't fake dancing.. So.. I started watching in the middle/end of Season 2. First I loved the parting song of whenever they booted one of the girls..

(Music - "Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall)

I actually came in to see Dmitry booted off.. but before he was.. he treated me to this...

(Music - "Pump it" - Black Eyed Peas)

Then.. I saw Travis and Heidi do THIS dance...

(Music - "Calling you" - Celine Dion)

Oh I was hooked.. then another Heidi and Travis routine..

(Music - "Plaza of Execution" from the soundtrack of The Mask of Zorro)

And then the clincher..

(Music - "Black Mambo" - Angel and the Mambokats)

All in all I much prefered season 2 over season 1 and 3 so far.. not a clue what season 4 is going to turn up..


Jeannie said...

I don't watch this show, though my mom does, and she loves it.

You know, hubby and I started watching American Idol because they weed through a lot of bad people. We enjoy laughing at them (shame on us!!)

I'm sure a lot of people that try out really know they can't sing. They just want to be on t.v. It's sad to watch those who really think they can sing not do so well though. By the time they narrow down the final 24, or 12, I forget what it is, I used to stop watching the show. I don't know why I'm into it so much this year, especially after last year's disappointing contestants.

lostinube said...

Not being in the states I haven't seen any of the ballroom dancing shows but it has it's fans in Japan, possibly since Shall We Dance? back in 1996.

They don't really have American Idol type shows -- people either are discovered or work their way through the system it seems. There used to be a few shows that were about the auditioning process but none are on right now.

Anyway, this is just an excuse to post this rather shaky video:

The dancer in red? It's a guy.

tricia said...

Have to admit that I don't watch this show, watch Dancing w/the Stars some, Idol when it first starts (I too laugh at the bad ones, makes my singing seem somewhat good) but watch Survivor every week w/a group of people (same group since the end of the first season). Whoever hosts that weeks cooks for everyone. We mainly laugh at them and say that we would want to be voted off first thing so the show would put us up in a hotel somewhere until the competition is over. The locations have been wonderful (China has been the best so far).

Arsenette said...

Hey guys :) LOL Jeannie loves the Schadenfreude aspect of American Idol and not the competition LMAO!

Ube that's hysterical. oh yeah.. I can spot a drag queen from a mile away.. that was hysterical!

Tricia I watched Survivor 2 and just couldn't get into it. Funny enough.. I watched the final over my friends house since she HAD to see it LOL

All in all I like this show and most likely see Season 4. I hated 3 only because of the politics that were involved.. pissed off choreographers chosing dancers only because another choreographer took off their favorite dancer.. it was so horrible at one point.. We had a Sanjaya last season.. he was horrible to watch but they kept him in.. eliminating some of the best dancers in the show because of some pissing match between the choreographers.. /sigh.. I missed season 2..

tricia said...

That's the problem with most of the reality shows, it's a popularity contest, not a talent contest. When viewers are allowed to vote, problems happen (case in point - Sanjaya). Survivor has picked some wonderful locations - that makes the show easier to watch. That and only the contestants on the show can vote; makes it easier to scream at the TV about their lousy choices.

Arsenette said...

True :) Though that's why I hate anything with celebrities.. (like Dancing with the Stars).. at least we get to discover people during these things.

Unknown said...

Reality TV is the should be banned from TV for all eternity...except Amazing Race and Hell's Kitchen, those are cool I guess :P (sorry if it's 8 years late :( )