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Monday, July 25, 2016

Rambling Rican Vlog - Sasuke 32 Stories, IndieGogo Perks!

Rambling Rican Vlog - Sasuke 32 Stories, IndieGogo Perks! - Direct Link

Another vlog!

I talk about non-spoiler Sasuke 32 stories while showing everyone some of the perks sent to backers of the IndieGogo Campaign trip to Japan this year!

I do read your comments! I just can't comment in the comments section since I don't use Google+ on this YT Channel.  I'll comment to them in latter videos and on my Twitter and Instagram.


Asameshimae said...

ARSENETTE!!!! We have good news!!! The SASUKE and KUNOICHI tournaments are being aired on Esquire Network as a 63 hour Labor Day Weekend Marathon, and that the RISING tournaments would be aired next year! Here's the link: THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER SINCE WE HEARD SASUKE WAS GOING TO BE REVIVED...SINCE CHALLENGE AIRED THE SASUKE RISING TOURNAMENTS!!! (Sorry about the caps, so excited!)
The only problem is that due to my calculations, it is going to be the G4 broadcasts because the marathon is supposed to be 63 hours long, and if they were to air the Japanese broadcasts with subtitles (even though I wish they did, SASUKE 1, 3, 5, the lost 12 Stage 2, Kunoichi 1, 6, and 7 really need to be found), it would be 86 hours and 15 minutes (3 days, 14 hours, 15 minutes) long, almost an entire day longer than the marathon length. Still, at least they're airing in America again, and at least they will air the SASUKE RISING tournaments next year!

Asameshimae said...

Also, while we're at it, this is the 3rd country (That I know of) that is airing/will be airing SASUKE RISING in the Ninja Warrior format. First was the U.K., next was Columbia (I found a video on YouTube a few months ago, where it showed commercial of SASUKE 30? (I'm saying this because it showed the Drum Hopper), I have no idea if this was true or not since I don't live in Columbia), now the U.S.