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Monday, July 4, 2016

Rambling Rican Vlog - Sasuke 32 Rant

Sasuke 32 Rant - Direct Link


Another vlog!


I discuss in detail my opinion of the Sasuke 32 official television airing in Japan.  If you have not seen it feel free to ignore this video. This video does not contain TBS footage. This video only contains my personal videos from my trip to Japan serving as a backdrop to my monologue.

This is an opinion video.  My own opinion.
I discuss what I perceive went wrong with the airing of Sasuke 32. I will ramble.

In the next few weeks I will do the Sasuke 32 Spoilerific Blog in full detail.  In the meantime I had to get this off my chest.  This video ONLY pertains to the presentation on television and not the tournament results.  IF you have no interest in hearing a 20 minute rambling stream of consciousness then this video is not for you.


Robb said...

That was one of the oddest Sasuke tournaments I've ever seen.

jenn said...

Haven't had a chance to watch the rant yet, as I need to finish dinner and go to bed after my night at work, but I did go look at your Twitter feed quickly, since I have a feeling I might be one of the few fans who didn't have huge issues with the editing (just the usual wishing faves weren't fast forwarded). I do wish Perry's run in particular was shown, since that would have been dramatic after hearing about it from him during the live stream, although I wonder if that would have started to show how hazardous the course was too early in the show. The entire second stage essentially being fast forwarded was odd as well, and I wonder if everyone clearing a stage that was mostly unchanged was deemed to be too boring to air in full (honestly, I was falling asleep during it, so for me it was boring).

Re: ANW footage: makes sense in Drew and Brent's cases, obviously, but for others I didn't mind it being shown in a little box to show Japanese viewers what happened, since iirc those specials didn't air there. I can understand folks having issues with it, however. Same with the amount of time devoted to celebs - if that boosts the ratings, it may be a necessary evil (and at least the biggest ones profiled, like the Golden Bomber guys and ABC-Z guy, take it seriously - those I really don't mind). That's nothing new for celeb competitors, except now we have celeb commentary which has to be an attempt to fit in with Japanese tv norms. Makes sense for non-Japanese to hate that, because we don't do that, but if that works for the desired native demographic, then we're stuck with it.

I do wonder if the short amount of actual production time, both on set and for editing, is at the center of the problem. There have been editing mishaps pretty much every year, as well as actual on set issues. More time for both would probably help with that, if they can get the budget to be able to get those resources. I did see a Google-fu version of an article that was critical of those parts, so maybe that will chamge if Sasuke continues.

Semi-related: I'm sad that the changes to Sasuke as well as asshats and douchebags are leading you to retire from blogging as before. I think getting away from the behind the scenes and news stuff will be good for you - sometimes, not knowing that stuff is needed for full enjoyment (I'll admit to no longer watching ANW in part from what I saw on the forums about the production). Taking care of yourself and no longer doing something you no longer love is a good thing.

Unknown said...

Ok, so this is the first tournament I watched. Actually, I only watched to the 2nd stage. Had to do something else...
Anyways, in my opinion it wasn't... awful. I've seen worse, and I honestly am kinda used to rubbish on tv.

I don't mind celebs, as long as it boosts ratings and they actually do well. Darvish, for example, did really well last time, so I don't mind him. They do the same for others who are well-known by showing their fails, despite the fact they could show some clears. Kinda routine in a way, because everyone wants to see them.

The editing, I was ok with. I guess. 2nd stage barely changed. I like the conceyor, but I think they just didn't change enough, so they digested it all. Makes sense, don't want to repeat things a kajillion times. Lol

Of what I heard, 3rd stage was kinda cool. They should have waited for rain to stop, unless they were short on time or something. Slippery obstacles are more fatal in the 3rd. Although, I do see why they did that, I mean, the entire tournament was rainy that time, in the 8th, so quite obviously they should try to cope!

BTW haven't watched the video yet.

Arsenette said...

Hey Robb! Yeah.. it was odd.

Definitely listen to what I'm talking about in the video Jenn and Matt. I have specific concerns that have nothing to do with results - but tone and direction issues.

And Jenn. Yeah. That's why I'm leaving. Nagano leaving was the perfect opportunity. I made the decision before the tournament started and after seeing the direction they are going, it solidified that I made the right decision.

Unknown said...

It wasn't that bad. I've seen worse tournaments e.g. 28 and 29 but IMO this was one of those MEH tourneys.