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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Recent updates and such

Graphic for Episode 16 - Link to post

I'm such an idiot.. I totally forgot to post about the latest podcast William and I do once a month on Final Stage Podcast.  It was a looooooooooong one.. almost 4 hours! LOL Okay okay.. 3 hours and 40+ minutes.. There's a LOT we covered. Feel free to read the shownotes on the page I updated with photos and links to topics we talked about during the podcast.  The podcast is always available on YouTube, iTunes and Podbean.  I'm happy so far we are getting a positive response to the podcasts each month. It really does bring a smile to our faces whenever people say it.  This month also we pose a question at the end.  Be sure to leave us feedback on the links we provide. We love to hear it! ♥

Health has been wonky and that has messed up my schedule in releasing videos. I hoped to get one out earlier but that was thrown out due to my health. Once I'm able to do manage the editing I'll get that out. I might do a catch up vlog first then work on the trip videos.  Also let me know any other type of videos you want me to make.  Even if I'm going  into the offseason and scaling back a lot of my posts, I still plan on doing more videos. I might even branch out and do other things in addition to Sasuke related things.

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