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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sasuke related News - Vietnam, Sasuke 31

2014 Tokyo Auditions with Director Inui (Standing on left) ©Kikaku

Just wanted to get caught up of the goings on in Sasukeland™ over the past month or so.  The Sasuke 31 application deadline has passed and we have an official date for the first of the Japan auditions. First up is Osaka, Japan this upcoming Saturday, April 4th.  They haven't announced Tokyo's Audition date(s) but I assume it will be within a week of it (just like last year).  Then comes the countdown for actual production for Sasuke 31!  Whoot we are almost there!  Again thanks to all of you IndieGogo Fundraising Campaign Supporters I'll be going to Japan this year for Sasuke 31! I'm super excited!

Alexander Mars - Ninja Warrior Sweden (Sasuke Hipsters Blog)

As I mentioned before I am not going to be blogging about ANW (which is taping now in the USA) nor it's spin offs (Sweden, Turkey or the current one filming now - United Kingdom).  Sweden's however was interesting for one particular reason.  (Btw for a recap of the episodes that aired in Sweden you can read the episode by episode synopsis from Sasuke Hipsters.)  During the broadcast they announced that Alexander Mars (last man standing in Sweden) will be in Japan for Sasuke 31!  I hope they all have that perk (yes I'm looking at you Ninja Warrior UK).  Curious if they will do that for them as well. If it is indeed the case then I'm really happy for them. The allure of those shows in the past has always been about the trip to Japan. Heck, most even say they could care less about being paid if they could just go to Japan and compete on the main course. They only take a couple of slots in the lineup and it's a good incentive for the other countries to get on board. I'm still not happy with the NW productions though.. no one should be able to practice on the course and rerun things until they clear it. /facepalm  I'm digressing aren't I? ANYWAY.. the trip to Japan for the last man standing/winner is a nice gesture to give them a chance at the big-boy course.

 Concept photo of Sasuke Vietnam's first stage ©SasukeVN

Speaking of the big boy course.. O.. M.. G.. Sasuke Vietnam.  So THIS is what a TBS production looks like. LOL Holy Moses.  Btw thanks to ASEAN Open Cup Gold Medalist Mike Bernardo for finding this today for us.  As you know, Vietnam was delayed a few times.. but it is FINALLY going to happen. In fact, they proved they broke ground and are actually BUILDING THE COURSE!  I thought this day would never happen. THIS looks like fun. Back when I was in shape (that is not round..) I would have loved to tackle a course like this. Not since Viking have I seen a split stage!
The Long Jump (ロングジャンプ)  ─► The Log Grip (ロッググリップ) .... Then decision time.

Course 1 -  The Hedgehog (ヘッジホッグ) ─► The Giant Swing (ジャイアントスイング) ─►  The Tarzan Rope (ターザンロープ)  ─► The Rope Ladder (ロープラダー)

or.. Course 2 -  X-Bridge (they are using the ANW name but the original name is The Cross Bridge (クロスブリッジ) ─► The Jumping Spider (ジャンピングスパイダー) ─► The Circle Slider (サークルスライダー) ─► The Rope Ladder (ロープラダー)

I'm a little confused though as one side looks unbalanced in one set of mock ups.  The concept art CG and the course chart are the same.. but the hand drawings are different in orientation. There's a huge difference between each set up because if so, they both have skill + luck involved. Otherwise it's totally lopsided as most will take their chance with the Hedgehog (since there is a path) and they don't have to do the circle slider into the Rope Wall combination at the end.  Also, I'm not sure if the competitor determines where they go left or right before they start. I'm curious if they nerfed one side so they can send women and old people on one side and the fit and able to the other.  Minimum age requirement is 18 so we won't have kids.  Either way, we will find out very soon. I'm just happy I can talk about this!  I pray now that TBS is taking control that we don't have the organizational issues that plagued and ultimately destroyed Malaysia's ASEAN tournament.  Vietnam is also stating that they hope to do this yearly. I'd like to see at least one of the "Sasuke" spin offs survive more than one season. Heck not even my beloved Viking survived on Fuji TV for very long.

Concept CG for Stage One ©Sasuke Vietnam

And yes, before you ask, this IS a 4 stage course.  Looks like they adopted side jumbotrons instead of a truck. LOL  It really does look like a "stage". I'm sure there will be a few competitors freaking out about that. It really is imposing.  I'm told all of this will be taped at night since it's friggin' hot in Vietnam right now so it's more tolerable to tape a night when it's cooler.  (Btw just checked weather.. omg.. it's 100F/38C degrees today..)  First stage alone is expected to take a few days to record because they expect 200+ competitors to run only at night. Logistics alone it will take a while to tape this.

 Concept photo of Sasuke Vietnam's Second Stage ©SasukeVN

The Cross Slider (クロススライダー) ─► The Salmon Ladder (サーモンラダー) ─► The Unstable Bridge (アンステーブルブリッジ) ─► The Hammer Dodge/Goren Hammer (5連ハンマー) ─► The Half-Pipe Attack (ハーフパイプアタック) ─► Double Warped Wall/Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe (2連そり立つ壁)

Second stage is interesting.  Cross slider to the original Salmon Ladder to Unstable bridge (I can't tell if its Ghetto Bridge™ or not) .. wait.. seriously????  Hammer Dodge?  OMG.. THEN the Half Pipe Attack? LMFAO.. finishing with the Double Warped Wall. LOL!!!!!!  Okay they are having WAY too much fun with this course. LOL That's awesome!

Omg it is.. The Goren Hammer (5連ハンマー), referred to on English broadcasts as the Hammer Dodge.  We haven't seen THIS bad boy since Sasuke 9 (FYI the FIRST tournament Makoto Nagano passed the First Stage!!)  Wow.. talk about an oldie. Sasuke 9 was friggin 2002.. a whooping 13 years ago..

 Concept photo of Sasuke Vietnam's Third Stage ©SasukeVN
The Pole Maze ( ポールメイズ ) ─► Cannonball Run/Spin Bridge スピンブリッジ  ─► The Rumbling Dice (ランブリングダイス) ─► The Heartbreaker/Spider Flip (スパイダーフリップ) >> The Cliffhanger (クリフハンガー) ─► The Pipe Slider (パイプスライダー)

OMG.. Spin Bridge in the THIRD STAGE?? LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Cliffhanger towards the end of the course.. omg.. they don't expect anyone to get here right?  Wow.. 2 Viking obstacles in the same stage.  Giggles. This is a hard course.. I can't wait to see it!!! Btw Pipe Slider ftw.. Sasuke fans should be proud.  This course looks AWESOME!

 Concept photo of Sasuke Vietnam's first stage ©SasukeVN

FINAL STAGE -  The Spider Climb (スパイダークライム) ─► Rope Climb/Tsuna Nobori (綱登り)

And finally my favorite of the Final Stages.  Spider climb to Rope Climb (Nagano Sasuke 17).  Full size.. Damn this is impressive (yes that's concept art but TBS can duplicate this, they have already in Sasuke for many years). I'm super stoked and proud that Vietnam asked the pros for help.  There's no reason to reinvent the wheel and I'm sure TBS is happier to produce that course there than have the smaller ones that fit in small spaces with bigger problems.  Go big or go home! Honestly though, this REALLY looks like a love letter to Sasuke's history. I really love the entire course so far in concept. I can't wait to see it in action and I hope people get to the latter stages! LOL That's another story!

Sasuke Vietnam YouTube video announcement

Anyway everyone at TBS will be busy since this production is going on right now then having to travel back to Japan afterwards to get ready for the main show airing this summer. I hope they get paid overtime! LOL  Taping for Sasuke Vietnam (according to their video announcement) is April 26-May 6, 2015.  That's a long taping schedule because they are running more than twice the amount and all at night to beat the daytime sun (similar to what Vegas goes through except Vietnam is friggin' humid on top of it).  And before I get asked (again), Sasuke 31 is after this event. I can't mention when, but this event will be taping first.  I'll do what I can to update you guys but I'm limited to what is published online. Bug Inui to post photos. LOL He's not there yet but will be soon. Also at the end of the month is the Maguro Festival so there's that blog as well.  Also this month is the announcement of the Nico Nico broadcast Contest winner. I'll try to keep to schedule and post what I can when information is public. In the meantime, I'm excited! Sasuke season is here!


Unknown said...

Oh wow Sasuke Vietnam looks really cool like REALLY... It's nice to see some of the past obstacles that was in the first stage in to the 2nd stage and 3rd stage..

Ooohh I hope the spider climb will "split" (I'm not sure what term to use) when it's down to the last 15 seconds..

And spider flip then cliffhanger then pipe slider WOAH that's brutal!! But pipe slider FTW! WOOOO! I can't wait!


Thank you for this wonderful news Ma'am :) and have a great time in Japan :D

Arsenette said...

I'm excited too! :) I hope we can see this worldwide. I'd love to see this in action.

Thanks! I am looking forward to the trip and sharing it with everyone! :)

ad uk said...

This is a massive undertaking a real commitment on their part. I hope they do sell the rights abroad I would love to watch it. In particular the whole choice thing is such a good concept.

Obviously good luck with the trip and no one is expecting you to say anything till way after the event is broadcast. :-)