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Friday, February 6, 2015

Sasuke related updates + Nagano baby watch!

Proud mother Asami 阿紗美 with her sons Taiou 太皇  and Kaiou 塊王©Makoto Nagano

Everyone knows I've been doing this baby watch for Nagano before.. er.. twice.. so here it is again!  Nagano Baby Watch™ alert!  Sasuke Legend Makoto Nagano 長野誠 and his wife Asami 阿紗美 are welcoming their 3rd child soon™! (Rumor is April but not sure) As you know, they have two sons together.  Taiou 太皇 was born June 16, 2013 and Kaiou 塊王 was born June 6, 2009.

 Sasuke Legend Makoto Nagano 長野誠 with sons Kaiou 塊王 and Taiou 太 at the aquarium ©Makoto Nagano

This also explains why Asami hasn't been photographed lately!  I hope for a safe arrival of the new Chibi Nagano™!  (Taiou's delivery scared me a lot so I pray for an easier delivery) I can't wait to welcome a new addition to the Sasuke All-Star Family!! Unsure if by the time I get to Japan I will have the chance to meet the new Nagano baby. All I can say is that if the rumored due date is correct, it will be before the tournament.

Funding as of February 6, 2015.

Speaking of my trip to Japan, I wanted to confirm that I'M GOING TO JAPAN!  I mentioned before that someone is paying for my airfare so that is now official!  I'm now raising money in a new campaign to function while there.  This pays for food, hotel and transportation.  You guys have been awesome by raising more than 50% in something like 14 hours! LOL  Thank you so much for your support!  As I mentioned as well on the site and on the video, I plan on getting more 2015 Sasuke T-Shirts (before the tournament) but remember to include shipping with the contribution.  I'm honored to be able to fulfill this particular perk but it's also eating into my overall budget! I need to be able to sleep, eat and travel for a week in the most expensive city in the world.... Unlike the original campaign, this one is a flexible fund now that the airfare is secure.  I will be going to Japan regardless of whether or not I hit the goal.  That said, I'd reaaaaaally prefer hitting the goal.  Please pass the news along and hope we reach the goal! I can't wait to write all about the trip! I'm totally having kittens right now!


band97 said...

I am so jealous of you. But also super happy for you! I'm sure it'll be an amazing time!!

Boiling Pot said...

May you continue to have kittens!!! ^_^

Arsenette said...

Giggles. You guys are awesome! I can't wait to go. Now I'm in overload of planning and whatnot. I won't breathe a complete sigh of relief until the campaign closes at 100%. Right now a lot is going into fees and T-shirts so hoping the next week or so it completes. It's been a long month. LOL

jenn said...

1. Congrats again to the Nagano family! Considering when the new Nagano's older siblings were born, I wouldn't be surprised if Asami gave birth around June again if the rumor of when she's due turns out to be false.

2. Congrats to you on how it's going raising money to go to Sasuke/Japan! I need to look at the new fundraiser - I was planning on donating something after I got paid last weekend, and while I was off from work this week... and then never turned on my computer until last night (and I was busy installing new hardware and updating software, so no time for other fun stuff). (sighs)

3. Speaking of fundraising stuff, since I now have a way to take a picture of the Sasuke calendar so I can send it to you, what's the best way to do that, a PM in the forums? I still love the picture of the group love for the fluffy dog that's part of the February montage. (g)

Unknown said...

I hope you have a really great time over in Japan, I myself cannot wait to go either, as I am going there in September.

Arsenette said...

I'm such a dingbat.. didn't see the last 2 messages until now /facepalm

Hey Jenn! LOL another June baby would be epic :D Fundraiser is doing quite well! Plane tickets are being worked on and should have them by this week. And currently at 83% into my goal so just 17% left! Giggles. Thanks :) And sure! PM me on SMF and I can send you my email if you want that instead. Thanks!

Hey Lachlan! Awesome! Love to hear about your trip as well! :)