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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Muscle Park Chitose - Obstacles

Front Door to Muscle Park Chitose ©poroco

(Edit: Just as I post this I see another blog with pictures - I'll incorporate it in the blog)

Seems as we get closer to the grand opening of the new Muscle Park in Chitose, Hokkaido that they dub "Chitose Muscle Park" 千歳マッスルパーク we get more updates online. Between Twitter, local newspapers and blogs I'm finding all sorts of pictures. The grand opening is actually this Sunday, July 18th but they have a small ceremony expected on Saturday, July 17th and it seems that they are letting the public come in and have a look early.

Posing in front of the Monster Box ©poroco

One blog (poroco) did a fantastic job of showing the Sasuke course (and some other attractions inside of Muscle Park Chitose) in detail! For us geeks who like seeing what's in this place we have a special sneak peek! The Monster Box set at the World record height seems to be the gateway to Sasuke Park!

Devil Steps デビルステップス in the new Chitose Muscle Park ©The Hokkaido Shimbun Press

Sasuke Park seems to start you off on the Sasuke 3rd stage obstacle Devil Steps デビルステップス (or at least a smaller variation of it) moving to the left. This picture was provided by a newspaper article - The Hokkaido Shimbun Press.

Devil Steps デビルステップス in the new Chitose Muscle Park ©Tomanin

Edit: New article from Tomanin with a similar Devil Steps デビルステップス picture but a much longer article on the Park and what they expect from it.

Salmon Ladder サーモンラダー (must look to the left (before the Unstable Bridge) as it is in the 2nd stage ©hanaokashungo

Had to edit this in (Thanks Supersheep for finding it). Just as I posted this page a new obstacle was found. The 2nd stage Salmon Ladder サーモンラダー. Please look to the left of the picture (above the green mat leading to the Unstable Bridge).

Salmon Ladder サーモンラダー ©HTB

There.. found another picture and this time with someone on it! Hmm.. seems it was on TV.. must find this clip somewhere..

Unstable Bridge アンステーブルブリッジ in the new Chitose Muscle Park ©poroco

Next it seems you go on the Sasuke 2nd stage obstacle the Unstable Bridge アンステーブルブリッジ . I'm sure in coming days we will get better pictures of each of the obstacles but for now these are just fine.

Ultimate Cliffhanger アルティメットクリフハンガー in the new Chitose Muscle Park ©poroco

Next obstacle is a variation on the new 3rd stage (and 5th incarnation of the Cliffhanger) obstacle the Ultimate Cliffhanger アルティメットクリフハンガー. This one is notably missing the bottom 2 rungs on the left side but that's overkill to have that in a family park! I do hope they keep THIS one clean...

Umbilical Cord.. yes.. I said that.. Anbirikarukodo アンビリカルコード in the new Chitose Muscle Park ©poroco

Now before people start singing the song.. the next obstacle is the 3rd stage obstacle the Rope Junction ロープジャンクション. I actually have no problems with the obstacle and it's perfect to add in a place like this.
EDIT.. O..M.. F.. G.. They actually named it something else.. according to the original Muscle Park site (specs page) they actually call this the Anbirikarukodo アンビリカルコード which means.. UMBILICAL CORD!! ew...

Pipe Slider パイプスライダー in the new Chitose Muscle Park ©poroco

The final obstacle is actually from Odaiba's old park I'm sure. It's the former 3rd stage obstacle the Pipe Slider パイプスライダー. In all Chitose has SIX (6) obstacles in Sasuke Park while Odaiba has 4. One thing of note is that I am really liking how high the ceiling is! Makes Odaiba look reaaaaally small now.

Magic Wall 魔性壁 in the new Chitose Muscle Park ©poroco

Another added obstacle which has a connection to Sasuke.. sorta.. is the Magic Wall 魔性壁 which actually was in Kunoichi 7 but no one got to it. Well.. it looks like it to me!

Staff of HTB's show Ichioshi イシオシ doing their show ©Muscle Park Chitose

Just today they added to the Muscle Park Chitose ameblo site another photo. I was VERY happy to see it was a much larger photo. With the All-Stars coming this weekend I wanted really nice high quality pictures like they provide in the Muscle Park Odaiba website. This one was a group of employees posing in front of the Sasuke Park course.

Children playing in front of the Monster Box ©Asahi

And finally one more article I found online. This one is from a local newspaper Asahi where they discuss the pricing for Muscle Park Chitose.

And figures because I just posted this.. now Chitose adds the full description of all the obstacles :) Yay! Also they changed their website URL to match that of Odaiba's.


2D2Will said...

Umbilical Cord.... what the hell.

That said, I would still like to go there.

TigerOfHaughton said...

Thanks, Elsie. Can't wait to see pics/vids from the event. It's funny you should mention that song. Whenever the fans on SMF make the "Rope Junction--it has no function" joke, that's the song I think of.

Arsenette said...

Btw thanks guys for accepting the moderation thingie :) I know I've deleted at least 30 spam messages since I instituted it :)

And yes I'd love to see it. Seems some of the STQ'ers are going this weekend to see it. I look forward to videos and pictures!

LOL Tiger on the song. I still am shocked so many from the younger generation even know what that song is!

TigerOfHaughton said...

I plan to go to Japan for a year or so when I finish college. I'll have to make sure to visit both Muscle Parks. Heck, by the time I graduate there may be more! Btw, I know about the song because several years ago my parents got me and my sister a "School House Rock" video.

snowy said...

I can't wait for the STQ'ers and the Cliffers to take a road/train trip up to Hokkaido!

ArtemisFowljr said...

Already said in a couple of places I would totally love to go there. Now that I think about it...who doesn't want to go to a place with an obstacle called "Umbilical Cord"?
Besides that, I keep thinking about how epic would it be to pass the first obstacle of the new Sasuke park with almost no effort. Only to get pwned on the rest of the course, but who cares.
And I forget that I could always have trouble there : my stairs are David Approved...they're CLEAN!
I like the whole setup for this new Sasuke Park. Everybody can have fun, but it's challenging enough to be good for those who are a bit better.
I bet Nagano wants something like that in his backyard for little Kaiou hahaha.