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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The latest on ANW

The past couple of months have been difficult avoiding this subject here on Rambling Rican. I only eluded to the original back during the Training blogs I did back in summer of 2009 and I refused to write about it on this blog after I saw G4 preempt Sasuke 23 in favor of ANW in December, 2009. Only after fan backlash did they show Sasuke 23 (several months later) and even so they edited out all the Americans to further propagate the notion that somehow M9 gave them free reign over Sasuke. For various other reasons I can't stand the decisions made by G4 in regards to their supposed "promotion" of Sasuke since it's been perfectly clear that G4 has ever intention of replacing Sasuke here in the USA with American Ninja Warrior. A move that will prove costly to us fans here who are genuine fans of the original Japanese Series - Sasuke. I will note for the record that I refuse to write about ANW when Monster 9 gives them sole license to Sasuke in the USA when Sasuke is canceled in Japan. Given the current ratings climate I figured Sasuke is really on it's last legs in Japan. Even though Monster 9's position is not to cancel Sasuke yet, I don't see how any recent decisions are pointing to longevity of Sasuke in Japan.

As the application process for American Ninja Warrior 2 has come to a close, more information is trickling in about certain benefits American competitors are getting over their counterparts in Japan. Everything from additional spots than even Sasuke 23 (where the USA got 10 guaranteed spots) to getting additional money just because they are American. The last one is upsetting me so much it's hard to think straight. At last post the information received via email from various competitors is as follows:

As an extra incentive, G4 just released that the American who completes the Japan course in the shortest time wins $250,000!

Thanks! Chelsea

So the long and short of it is this. If you are American and you win Sasuke - G4 will give you $250,000 US ($21,700,000 Yen) in addition to the 2,000,000 Yen and whatever other prize Monster 9 and TBS gives out. If you are Japanese, Taiwanese or any other nationality you don't get the additional $250,000. Why? Because you are not American.

Sasuke used to mean things to people - now it's all based on money. Thanks to G4... again. So far since their involvement in Sasuke the original show has deteriorated in my eyes.


TigerOfHaughton said...

I will add this to my list of "Reasons Why I Hate G4." I do wonder why M9 is giving G4 so many spots on Sasuke.

Arsenette said...

I'm now utterly convinced it's because they are giving Sasuke to the Americans and stopping it in Japan. No other reason behind it.

2D2Will said...
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Arsenette said...

I think the saddest thing about this is the fact that everyone somehow justifies this action simply because they have direct benefit from it. I would be pissed if I was a competitor from another country right now. I wonder how Nagano and Yuuji feel about this turn of events. They don't stand to benefit from this either.

As for G4 they got their money from sponsorships tied to ANW2. This is why they are doing a Sasuke in the USA thing with costumes and such and having an audience. It's to show to Japan that they deserve the license.

ArtemisFowljr said...

What I think about this whole think is pretty much what you wrote in this post.
Except for the fact I might watch whatever they hope will replace Sasuke when I'm really nostalgic and don't want to watch old tournaments, but only IF they invite competitors from Japan. They will be the only competitors I'll watch, after then I'll just switch channel.
This given the "show" makes it to GXT here in Italy, which is highly unlikely.
Ditch the emails to M9 about foreigners not having the possibility to complete, this is far worse.
I really hope the fan backlash for this one is massive. And since most Americans won't really have anything to complain about, except for those who are loyal to Sasuke for what it's always been, my hopes are in those who live in Japan, Taiwan etc. M9 (kinda) cares about what THEY think. For now, they're still the main audience.
I bet Nagano, Yuuji and even Akiyama won't be happy to hear this. They've worked hard to get Kanzenseiha just for the...glory? Idk how to call that, but you know what I mean, they didn't care about the money, and after all they've done they're still busting their a$$es out there to get the money for them and their families, no matter how famous all over Japan and even the rest of the world they are.
I would be pissed.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for G4, I wouldn't know what this show was...

All good things come to an end. Nothing lasts forever and it was fun while it did!