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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sasuke Related Links

I've been tossing this around in my head for a while now so I figured I might as well do it. I've been using Ube's SASUKE Links for a long time now but now half of the links are either too old or they have been updated.. not including the ones that are brand new!

Please note: These are not all the links available. These are just some of the websites I follow regularly. Feel free to refer to Ube's links and also previous Sasuke blogs with links to individual people not on this list (use search feature on site to check on a name). I'll update this list occasionally.

  • 長野誠 Makoto Nagano - Takasui site (I put this main page since his page within it sometimes doesn't get updated as often and current pages updated are not reflected)
  • リー・エンチ Lee EnChi - blog
  • 池谷直樹 Naoki Iketani - blog
  • 石丸謙二郎 Kenjirou Ishimaru - website and blog
  • ケイン・コスギ Kane Kosugi - website
  • 宮﨑大輔 Daisuke Miyazaki - website and blog
  • 長崎 峻侑 Shunsuke Nagasaki - website and blog
  • 長澤 秀則 Hidenori Nagasawa -YouTube
  • 中田大輔 Daisuke Nakata - blog
  • 野村将希 Masaki Nomura - blog
  • 大森晃 - Akira Omori (Monkikki モンキッキー - website and blog
  • 佐藤弘道 Hiromichi Sato - website
UNCLI and STQ'ers:
  • 又地諒 Ryo Matachi (#2 Cliffer) - blog and YouTube
  • 富野恵太 Keita Tomino (#4 Cliffer) - bbs (occasionally Cliffer #3 Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 posts here but not very often) and of course his YouTube
  • 山本桂太朗 Keitaro Yamamoto (#5 Cliffer) - blog and his Youtube
  • 野村 宏樹 Hiroki Nomura - blog
  • 森渉 Mori Wataru - blog

  • 小宮理英 Rie Komiya - website and blog
  • 三宅 綾子 Ayako Miyake - blog
  • ルーシー・ロンバーグ Luci Romberg - website
  • 田中真帆 Maho Tanaka - website and blog
Other Related sites:

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