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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Me wants it precious....

Toshihiro Takeda posing for a T-Shirt Sale ©Signal O S
Toshihiro Takeda posing for a T-Shirt Sale ©Signal O S
Back of T-Shirt says "Breakthrough"
Okay.. groveling again.. (there's a shock).. There's a new T-Shirt Sale! This one is totally cool too... It's Takeda's "Breakthrough" EMS T-Shirt! Looks like the sale is going on until Monday the 20th.. oh that sucks.. I wonder if they ship to the USA? /groan.. Me wants it precious!!!!!!

Makoto Nagano and Toshihiro Takeda ©Muscle Park

Because you know I need my Nagano fix.. I was told that Nagano and Takeda are doing their yearly visit to Muscle Park this Monday, October 13th. It's called SPORTS FESTA Details to the event are here!

Also.. next week, October 19th... As I blogged before in this post..

(clipped picture) Toshihiro Takeda / Makoto Nagano / Kazuhiko Akiyama ©Kasuga Mori Mori Matsuri Poster

You remember when I was blogging about Sasuke Navi that I thought this event with Nagano cutting logs.. thing.. in Gifu looked familiar? I was right... the event was back in October.. and Guess what? Ube found out that they have one again for THIS year!

Kasuga Mori Mori Matsuri

Oct. 19 (Sunday) 9:00 to 15:30

Embers of a special site parking MORIMORI village (Ibi District in Gifu, Japan)

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