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Monday, October 20, 2008

Nagano and Takeda work Odaiba!

Makoto Nagano... Ah yes.. he's back.. yep.. with a vengeance :D
It's been a while since I blogged about anything really substancial. I mean.. after surviving September, 2008 known and Sasuke 21 Whirlwind Fangirl Burnout™.. sorry.. it was just a reaaaaaaaaally loooooooooooong month.. and of course my favorite Sasuke related show (Sasuke Maniac) off the air.. I actually got to have a real life! But not for long whoot!!!!! Ehem.. I'm passing popcorn by the bucket fulls and there's plenty for everyone!

Mwahahhahahahahahhahahahahahh :D Pull up a chair baby!!!

Okay.. As I mentioned before in this blog.. Takeda and Nagano were heading to do Muscle Park in their yearly pilgrimage for Sports Day. This year they called it Sports Festa and it was Monday, October 13, 2008. The event was held in Odaiba, Tokyo Decks (same Tokyo man-made island that has Muscle Park). They promise "Sasuke All-Stars to the challenge!" Here's the poster for this year..

"We want YOU to come to Muscle Park".. They look like drill sergeants.. don't they? LOL see how Nagano puts his fingers under his arm to make his muscles pop? Takeda doesn't care he thinks he looks hot :D Makoto Nagano and Toshihiro Takeda ©Muscle Park

I'm going to be alternating between the pages in the Muscle Park Blog and the actual Muscle Park website. The Muscle Park blog had it's own entry and the Muscle Park official site did an archive page for the event (Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3). Being heavily centered around children they cracked out another opportunity to push their products.. so lo and behold.. that game is back!

Nagano jumping around with the video games.. oh look.. his sneakers with red shoe laces are making a comeback.. and those DAMNED PANTS.. God.. someone.. buy him pants.. PLEASE! (Takeda in the background kneeling looks hot..)

Someone tell Takeda he doesn't have to jump that high.. omg.. Nagano is running for COVER!!!!!!! THE EAGLE HAS LANDED THE EAGLE HAS LANDED.. Dude.. did he punch through the ceiling? He apparently has no idea that you can BREAK these flimsy things.. stupid hot dog.. Omg.. the blog actually said "Mr. Takeda's a little unprofessional (laughs)" That's just friggin' awesome!!

Anyway.. the day rolls on and guess what! The Muscle Park All-stars were there!!!!!! See them in the audience? Who are they? Gah.. ya'll didn't see the previous Sasuke Maniac (*cough* Check July-September, 2008 Sasuke 21 Trials *cough*) where they explained who these guys are.. and you ignored the previous Sasuke's.. oh well digressing..

Muscle Park All-Stars in da house! Dude like everyone in the audience had great shirts.. Outside of the obvious Sasuke 21 Shirts.. check out the Rock and Roll shirt above left.. Bad Boy! LMAO

After they had fun with the kids in Tokyo Decks they announced the winners and gave each kid a cute present! Awwwwwwwww.. Kawaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii.. Anyway.. from there they seemed to have proceeded to Muscle Park where they did the various attractions. Here we see the two goofballs being photographed while playing the different events.

No idea what they are tossing here.. but they apparently finished the shooting gallery and now are tossing bean bags.. oh.. the shooting gallery? No wait.. he's got a couple things in his hand.. probably tossing to the crowd something.. There they go with the towels.. I mean.. wtf.. they can't be sweating yet.. oooooooooh gratuitous product placement.. gotcha!

That's it Toshihiro.. dab the face.. show us the latest line of Muscle Park uber lootz.. er.. swag.. er.. goodies.. name your merchandise!

Oh crap.. I have no idea what this game in but Nagano is pointing at Takeda.. and Takeda is totally loving it! They are such hams...

I'm king of the world! WHOOOOOO.. Takeda being pompous and pumping fists.. he must have beat Nagano again.. This hot dog loves to celebrate!

I'm still surviving Military haircut Takeda™.. meanwhile LOL Nagano looks bored.. I love Takeda's raised eyebrow.. You talking to me? Why do they look like they are protecting their privates? I mean.. their hands.. oh nvm..

That's right... Takeda love :) /passes popcorn..

What.. just love for Nagano? I don't think so.. Takeda lights my fire too :D

LMAO.. what is he doing? Dude is totally Mr. Sarcastic! Oooooooh he's talking on a mike to someone else across the room.. LMAO.. I don't want to be on the receiving end of this one!!

Aww hell.. remind me.. not to piss him off! LOL Okay.. he looks sexy here.. even if he didn't shave in a couple days.. and shaved his long mousse-spiked hair..

Makoto Nagano: I am eye candy especially when I am not posing for the camera because I was born handsome and since I have very obvious caps on my teeth now, I feel confident to flash my killer smile at all times.. I am so photogenic I look devastatingly cute even when I grimace.

Yes.. /passes popcorn.. yes.. you do...

Uhm.. definately.. ehem.. is it getting hot in here??

Okay now that I got my Nagano and Takeda fix lemme blog about the rest of the event.. They added adults to go against All-Stars! Whoot! This is where the Sasuke All-Stars and other members of the Audience participate.

Duuuuuuuude I know these 2!! Kawaguchi Tomohiro (Left) and Matachi Ryo (Right). Both were in Sasuke 21 and they qualified to be there from the summer's Sasuke Trials.

Looks like their bit is over.. I can't see Kawaguchi's numbers but looking at Ryo's body language.. he lost..

Because it's not pressures enough to do this on your own.. check out how many people are STARING AT YOU!

Looks like Takeda goes shopping with Nagano.. they got the same track pants that go grey in the bright light.. ehm.. okay.. Nagano has 144.. wow that has to be nerve wracking seeing the numbers right in front of you! I can't see Takeda's numbers though..

Toshihiro getting jiggy with it and Nagano just wants this dang thing to be over.. Toshihiro is gunning for it.. seriously.. I can almost hear him panting "MUST.. BEAT.. NAGANO.. WHILE.. CAMERAS.. CAN.. RECORD.. THE.. VICTORY..".. Well Takeda your moment in the sun was bright.. he clobbered Nagano 184 to 152!

LOL Takeda celebrating his win by goofing around.. Either that or he can't have kids anymore..

Next is a game I'm not sure I understand... They tried to explain it in the blog.. but it's something about secretly drawing cards. Some have positive numbers.. some have negative numbers.. Apparently.. they both sucked and there were 3 winners that didn't include them. LOL

Picking.. one.. Girl already knows he's boned.. she sees which card he's going to pick. I like her.. she's eville :D Secretly she's listening to music ignoring the whole thing.. yep.. she's staring at his uhm.. cards.. yeah :D

Takeda feels jipped so he's going to drag Nagano down with him.. yep.. that's the only explanation why he is holding the cards..

Has to be! Nagano doesn't know yet he's boned..

Announcing the winners! Two I recognize! Mr. Moody Makoto Yahagi (Left) Kawaguchi Tomohiro and unidentified grand winner who I don't know his name until someone emails it to me...

This is Makoto Yahagi.. NOW do you recognize him?

Yep.. he should be easily recognizable now for those of us who saw the Maguro Festival and BUG IN MIKI! Poor guy.. he lost again.. wait.. he got a prize.. he's the Bronze Medal winner! Wait.. he got a frisbee. Dude you beat Nagano and Takeda SMILE DAMN YOU!

Kawaguchi Tomohiro is such a doll :)

Kawaguchi Tomohiro, Matachi Ryo and Tomino Keita

The Adult competitors all pose for the camera. Poor winner of the plushie doll looks mortified to be taken a photo with a plushie doll.. LOL Screw the gifts.. you beat Nagano and Takeda!

/sigh moments like these reminds me why I miss Sasuke Maniac. Was it a fluff event? TOTALLY HECK YEAH! But I wanna see this.. ya know? Until then.. pics will suffice :D


tricia said...

Thanks for a new Nagano and Takeda fix - you did a great job. They really are like two little boys when they get together. It's apparent that they are great friends, love the camera and can put on a show!

Arsenette said...

LOL another night owl :) Yeah doing the blog did put a big smile on my face. I keep staring at the background and seeing what else is there. Even that one picture of Takeda posing you see Nagano ducking his head (like he always does when laughing hard on a defeat)..

Chaki said...

Loved the links back to your old entries. Like Makoto Yahagi, I like moody, melancholy would equally well... You also identified the other... not so nice looking Park guy too. They are all like our little brothers.

Anna said...

Thanks for the eye candy, Elsie! I haven't been on Pam's site these days to keep up with the news, but do we know when G4 will show the latest Sasuke??


pamwax said...

Great post. What did Takeda do to his hair?

Montay said...

As usual, awesome! Esp. the Takeda pics ... be still my beating heart!!! :-)

Arsenette said...

Hey Anna :) I'm told it's November.. 12? It's a Wednesday I believe.

Chaki! Yes I had fun when I saw the pics of Yahagi and going WATERFALL GUY! That poor guy.. but man is he moody.. I haven't seen him smile yet.. It's cute the Muscle Park All-Stars were there.. I mean.. that's why they named themselves that way :D First time I see them doing things with real All-stars though... or maybe it's the first time I noticed? Probably the latter.

Hey id grad student :D SO happy to see you here too :D teheheheheh and yes.. Much Takeda love! I'm happy he's so outgoing now.. not that he wasn't but he's a pure clown now and the camera loves him :D

Hey Pam :D I think I was told that he is going for another certification in fire fighting so it's like going back to Boot camp.. and in boot camp you have to get your crewcut.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I like the new Takeda military 'doo'. But that's just me, I guess. I usually like guys with long hair, but he looks fine with his short. Thanks for all the pics and the humor.
Have I mentioned lately how very much I am in awe of you? You are THE GODDESS.

Panther said...

thanks and one word...THUD!!!