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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rambling Rican Vlog - IndieGogo, video camera unboxing and great news on flight!

7  6 days to go! - Link to campaign
The final 6 days are upon us!  Thank you to the contributions! I'm at 35%.  I'm happy to announce that my initial worries about the airfare were again taken care of.  Details on that are fluid and are being worked out but I'm relieved that I don't have to worry so much about that anymore! ♥  In the meantime, with less than a week to go I will be keeping what is being raised.  They will be used for getting your perks fulfilled (like autographed photos of the All-Stars and 3/4 Champions and limited edition Sasuke 32 T'shirts, etc..), then hotel then transportation in that order.   If anything past that is raised then I'll use that to help with the camera upgrade since I did end up getting it.

Rambling Rican Vlog - Rambling Rican Vlog - IndieGogo, video camera unboxing and great news on flight! - Direct link

I posted a video update on the flight and also in the video I show the video camera and the accessory pack that I bought in preparation for the trip that is definitely happening! So glad I got it earlier when it was on sale.. the price of it went up a lot but I didn't pay that much! Whoot! ♥ So while it seems that I won't be raising the full amount, I will be able to use the funds raised to cover your perks (Sasuke 32 Shirts, towels, autographed photos, etc.), hotel and transportation! It will be tight if I don't raise more, however thank you for the generous donations to get me this far!  I really appreciated it!  We have less than a week to go so please continue to share the campaign in hopes I'm able to get closer to at least what I received last year. Hopefully with more I can pay for the camera as well.


Unknown said...

Arsenette, I donated twice for photos, let me know if you didn't get 2, and this is separate from the donation to the blog. Let me know if there were problems.
I have less time to come by but still appreciate your efforts. Hope you have enough to go, I just had more ability to donate this year. I'm old school myself, with the original All-Stars (Nagano was my favorite even before he won, although they were all fun to watch) and Kong, Lee, etc. Just haven't had as much time to catch up with the new stars. I know best Yuuji, Kanno and really liked Yuusuke even before he won it all. Any photos would be wonderful, but if you need to raise more funds by giving them to others, I would not mind. I just checked out the YouTube channel, too, tonight. Sorry it's been so long since I have checked in.


Arsenette said...

Oh that is incredibly kind of you Rod! You are also one of my long-time readers. This means so much. I did get all 3! I was wondering what that last one was that wasn't tied. I noticed both in campaign and 1 out. Again, that is incredibly generous and I appreciate the support!

With the outside help of the airfare (just like last year) all of this money goes directly to the perks, hotel, transportation in Japan. So yes! It is incredibly useful and I will be going to Japan.

This past year has been difficult on a lot of people for various reasons. It's totally understandable and I appreciate you taking the time to not only come back and read but to contribute as well. I'm thankful all of you still enjoy my writing even if I don't do anywhere near as much as I used to. With the tournaments only once a year it's difficult to keep writing a lot on it! LOL

You guys have been awesome. Truly! I'm going to work my hardest to get as much as I can when I'm there to bring back to all of you! Again, thank you so much to everyone has supported me not just in the campaign but over the years coming back time and time again on my blog. ♥