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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sasuke 31 Official Merchandise sold worldwide!

 Tokyo Otaku Mode Logo ©Tokyo Otaku Mode

As I posted back in April, TBS International posted a press release about their future partnership with Tokyo Otaku Mode which just happened to be a giant website that sells Japanese pop culture products worldwide (in fact their main offices is in the USA).  Their Facebook alone has 17 million likes to give you a heads up on the scale of production.  Over the past few months we've waited patiently for any news.  I finally got news today that made me smile all day!!

We have just opened the pages for a number of SASUKE RISING products!
You can find the link here:
Please note that some T-shirt sizes are not yet in-stock, but we will do our best to add them as they become available from the manufacturer.

I believe this will be all the SASUKE related items we will be able to offer for the time being.
However, hopefully we will be able to offer more items from the TBSi Shop in the future! Once again, we are truly delighted to be able to bring these items to SASUKE fans around the world.

I am ecstatic!  Up until today, anyone wanting Sasuke merchandise had to go through the TBSi shop which was not only a clunky experience but also region locked to Japan only. Tokyo Otaku Mode is known for selling their merchandise worldwide!  So while the selection is currently limited to some of the Sasuke 31 merchandise, I'm still happy that merchandise FINALLY is being sold to us foreigners! Please remember that the page JUST opened today AND they are still getting stock from Japan so if stock is listed as out of stock, they are working on getting more from TBS.  Please help support the site so that they can expand their inventory.  So if you will excuse me I'm going back to doing my happy dance. ♥


Asameshimae said...

Wow! I'm so excited! If only I actually had a credit card...hopefully they'll extend to a full blown store soon!

Arsenette said...

I hope so too! ♥ I hope to prove once and for all there is a great market for this sort of thing.