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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sasuke 31 Spoilerific Review - Part 4

Yay!  We got rid of the Rising! Whoot! 
Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 31.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned ( ^ . ^ ) (Just remember.. there is NO USA Broadcast of this. NBC has renegotiated out of their contract to show Sasuke on USA soil. Yes.. you read that right.. Now with the death of G4 official and NBC not giving a damn about Sasuke Japan, we will never see Sasuke Rising on US television (or any overseas country for that matter unless everyone buys the original 4 hour broadcast from TBS). This is the 4th tournament in the Rising era (post Monster 9) and I'm happy that they got rid of the "Rising" part in the headlines!  For a preview of this event, please see SASUKE 31 NAVI a half hour preview of Sasuke 31 with fluff pieces of some the major players in the upcoming Sasuke. There were even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast! Thanks for all of the support as I had a horrible month with my health.  I'm taking my time on the blogs as I have to limit how much time I can stare at a computer screen. I'm still getting cluster headaches but the cycle this time seems to be winding down long enough for me to work on getting these out!  I have a backlog of things to do but working through it slowly.
(Massive thanks to TBS for posting the names of all 100 competitors!  Thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English!!)
Cue A Bug's Life music!  We are back with Sasuke-Kun!

 Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介 - They are commenting on being 91 given he was 100 just the last tournament. He's perfectly fine with the number.

Every Sasuke kid's dream.. to be competing in Sasuke at the age of 15...

Morimoto has been competing since Sasuke 18 when he was 15 years old and failed on the Jumping Spider.

He's now a university student (actually just graduated)

with a degree in computer sciences

He's now 23.. geez time flies

Yuusuke in a business suit in Osaka!

LOL The locals are used to seeing him jump around the streets training that they don't even get flustered when he's doing it in front of a camera!

He's showing his various training techniques

which simulate types of obstacles without it being too specific

actually it's pretty smart to train this way since it's more overall training rather than very specific obstacles... well except for the wall.  That's specific! LOL

So we have.. wait.. 12 clears?  Since when? wait.. 90.. THEY CUT HOW MANY?? 3 full clears just poof.. gone.. /facepalm


Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介 

Yep.. Mars is sitting quietly in his seat.. /sigh.. that's a shame. He was worried Sweden was going to ignore the fact he did well here.. little did he know TBS was going to give him the snub.

Anyway.. Morimoto starts off!

very carefully over the other side of the Rolling Hill

No issues on the Rolling Log

Carefully onto the Music Box

Tiptoe onto the platform safely

No issues on the Jump Hang

Nice and high so no fear of him skimming the water with his feet

Onto the Tackle

Head raised and looking where he's going with a nice pace

no issues on the Tackle

eyeballing the wall

actually sits down..

Luckily grabs the wall on his first try

Moving faster as he's running out of time

25 seconds to get over to the landing pad and then up the wall

Easily lands and starts up the lumberjack

He's happy with himself as he has plenty of time to touch the buzzer!

Elated as he crosses the bridge!

with both hands he stops the clock just as the first klaxon blares

His Sister Mayu 真由, Mom Mikiko 美貴子 and Dad Takuya 卓也

Mayu apparently doesn't want to do high fives with her parents.. meanie..

Yusuke Morimoto 森本 裕介 - FIRST STAGE CLEAR!

 I miss the big groups for the All-stars on stage.. Takeda on the sidelines doing a quick back-slap on Shingo

Nagano almost having to run to do it.. /sigh.. can't they just sit on the start line? I mean there's enough space.. I ought to know..

anyway back to Interview with a very happy Yuusuke after clearing the First Stage.

Sasuke All-star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

If you need to be reminded that he is the only person to ever compete in all 31 tournaments.. YOU DON'T WATCH THE SHOW...

or the fact that he has been in 2 finals (this one in Sasuke 7)

Shingo has done a couple jobs since retiring from being gas station manager.

He's done car repair work and whatnot..

and this year he opened up a physical therapy center in a room on the 2nd floor of this building.

It's pretty small but he's in charge (him sitting on the right) while he has employed various licensed physical therapists.  (His crew actually was employed during Sasuke as well)

He occasionally meets up with the new stars in training. This is back in early May just before the tournament taping.

and they showed him failing...

Sorry I'm still annoyed they cut Kong and 2 others.. they didn't even bother doing a picture this time.. it's like they did an Ishikawa™ on 3 people this time..and worse off.. CLEARS.. C'mon Inui.. that's unacceptable..

Shingo acknowledging all the clears before he goes.

I was not in the stands for this but sitting just outside looking at the jumbo screen as best I could from my obscured vantage point.

Sasuke All-star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

Still not used to a name that doesn't make sense.. oh well.. moving on. LOL

Carefully onto the Rolling Hill

and on top



and just like that.. he's out. I mean we all figured he would fail spectacularly.. but seriously.. most people (including me) thought it would be on the Music Box! Not THIS early..

Poor guys are barely moving before the wtf starts...

Takeda optimistic was looking down the path.. Nagano was looking RIGHT AT HIM..

Tomo just disgusted.. Nagano.. doesn't seem that surprised.. LMFAO

 Shingo's wife Eiko 英子 looking at her husband drop from the sky..

And promptly laugh at the absurdity of it all

He can't believe he failed..  and keeps staring what he remembers as the Rapid Descent.

Right after Anastase jumped from the top, they told everyone they had to touch the rollers.. well he did..

and his foot spun the roller (hard) when he launched off

and fell short of the landing..

meanwhile.. Takeda is up next

Eiko just laughing it off as something dumb he would do.  She just got off of work too to drive up here to see him.. yeah.. that's going to be an epic drive back home..

He goes on to say he jumped the Rapid Descent but it's not only are you NOW 40 years old.. it's much higher and you (on this photo) didn't jump from the top! LOL

Sasuke All-star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 - Death by overconfidence Rolling Hill

sorry.. I had to.. seriously.. Shingoderp™ + Hat = FAIL

You.. don't do that.. Right..

Now everyone is panicking about the distance..

Shingo bracing himself to be ridiculed by his friends..

and Takeda doesn't disappoint..

Oh no.. THAT is a Cocky Takeda™ face..

Trust me.. he was wearing it all day..
Sasuke All-star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩

Magically at 13 remember.. 

Kong (currently not shown sitting with the group) is probably in the bathroom.. they were given breaks when they needed them.

Still strange not seeing him with Orange pants..

Sasuke All-star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 - who's now a personal trainer

jumped quickly onto the Rolling Hill before slowly going back up..

omg no he's not going to..

wait.. did he jump FROM the log??  Someone didn't get the memo...

wtf is he doing..

Not only did he jump wrong he landed even shorter than Shingo!!!!


A stunned clear group looking at the jumbo screen (because you can't see the landing of the back side of the Rolling Hill from this vantage point)

As the wave of shock rolls through the group

Jin is just dumbfounded as he facepalms into his lap

Okada is shocked while Yamada's protege is laughing his butt off

Various wtf's Asa and Kanno on the left with Nagano already throwing his head back on the right..

Asa looks to see Shingo in the water.. both Nagano and Kanno just turn around to walk away from the scene of the crime..

Kanno is in serious depressions while Nagano is crumbling worse behind him.. Ryo and Tomo are discussing wtf is going on..

Sasuke All-star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 - Death by cockiness Rolling Hill

Kanno can't help by smile.. Asa is just disgusted.. and trust me the crowd was grumbling for a while after his.. Shingo they kinda expected but to see Takeda fail THE SAME WAY was just stupid...

Nagano: Even though I told him not to do it… Why did you jump from the top!?

Takeda doing the walk of shame as fast as he possibly can..

Nagano runs out from the right to admonish the stupidity..

Takeda makes a beeline to the exit but Shingo is there to totally laugh at him.. 

Takeda: I just thought "yeah I’m gonna go and do it!"
 Shingo: Yeah, we both had that same thought and we fell…

Funny story.. a few of the guys went on bathroom breaks hoping to have enough time to see the top group... they came back and we were already on 94.. they seriously wtf'ed going "wait.. we missed them already? wtf.." LMFAO

So yeah we are up to 94 already!  Drew looks PUMPED!

Drew... Dores... ooooooh my God the Bablefish disaster in lights!!!!!!!

Drew just smiles..
Sasuke 27 and 30 Veteran Drew Dreschel ドリュー・ドレッシェル

Ad for CSI ANW Miami!

Both shows are airing practically at the same time as ANW7 is airing now

Pops onto the Rolling Hill quickly

Now granted.. we are spoiled from the commercials.. but seriously...

we almost had 3 fails in a row!!

Luckily Drew is secretly a cat and saved himself!

Everyone is in complete shock.. LOL

Shingo's like WTF WAS THAT..
Takeda is going "ooooooh damn... I could have saved that!"
(Little did they know.. they had no hope of ever duplicating that.. LOL)

Both look to Nagano now as they are stunned at what just happened! LOL

Asa can't stop laughing as the soaked All-Stars are still there for everyone to see

Even the celebs in the booth are shaking their heads. LOL

Crowd is still rowdy as Drew flies through the Log Grip

Onto the Music Box

caaarefully off the music box..

okay clear as he's making sure he doesn't touch the walls (just in case)

No issues with the Jump Hang

really high to make sure his long legs don't dangle in the water

Blows into the tackle

as he puts most of his energy in the beginning to cause the chain reaction

THAT is how you do those.. the momentum forward was so strong that it rolled on it's own as he pushes off of it

Now for the wall

Easy clear

Herds of time left for 2 more obstacles

up the Lumberjack climb with plenty of time!

Stops the clock with the 2nd fastest time so far?

Hey you can showboat the end if you want Drew. You didn't during it and that's all I want. LOL

Crowd roars in approval

Yep that was definitely Mars from Ninja Warrior Sweden.. anyway everyone is really happy they have another clear!

Drew Dreschel ドリュー・ドレッシェル - FIRST STAGE CLEAR

Shows Drew clearly on the first roller

he also rolled the top and fell short

but he was quick in using his parkour skills to jump back to reset himself

LOL His crew is losing their marbles now as some are jumping in the air with him! Ahahahaha

Spoiler for Asa he's at least at the Tackle!

and we know Nagano doesn't fail the Rolling Hill

but is failing the wall..

and Yuuji while we are at it.. I reaaaally don't like these "preview" Spoilers..

Takeda just chilling watching TV in the back

And Ryo about to jump....

Sooooo what are they selling?


Unknown said...

I was waiting for the moment you blog about Shingo and Takeda failing in rapid succession. I was still in tears when it was aired so it did hurt for a moment. Now it just makes me laugh and what's worse? I HAD NO CLUE EIKO WAS HALF EXPECTING IT OUTTA SHINGO! XD He just isn't 23 anymore. No one is getting any younger. ~LusitaniaAngel313

Unknown said...

Waited for you to comment on how Takeda was acting at the starting line lol
Commentator: Kaatsu Trainer (Takeda keeps his head down)
SASUKE All-Stars (Now his head is up :p I think he was the only one who was called an All-Star in the starting line)

Ahhh...all this hype for nothing...

Asameshimae said...

YOU STOLE MY HASHTAG!!!! Lol jk You can use it, it's just that I came up with it first on Twitter, and to think, you blocked me a long time ago, so how did you find out about #shingoderp? XD Seriously, I was talking to LusitaniaAngel313 through Twitter the other day, and we were talking about that specific fail! XD @Lusitania What do you think out of Eiko? He knows Shingo more than he does himself. Sorry to say it, but if Shingo were to achieve COMPLETE VICTORY, she'd be surprised as heck, that's how derpy he is.

MysteryMan said...

Morimoto's so nonchalant. Also, I kind of had a feeling Takeda was going to fail as well considering he didn't get a fluff piece like Shingo did.

Arsenette said...

This section of the tournament felt so different blogging. The mood around the all stars is so different live. They really are in a bubble. Morimoto was hanging out with me, Tada and Jin for a while before this so it felt weird watching this on the outside. On TV the feeling is so different.. It's difficult to explain. Still though the difference between Shingo and Takeda and everyone else was almost palatable. Takeda hid for most of the day while Shingo was front and center for a lot of it. I'll write more about it later after I'm done these blogs.

Unknown said...

GERONIMO!!!!! Just what I really hope from you when see Shingo's run. He literally geronimo himself there and I completely agree that he is death by overconfidence. Somehow I got a hunch that he will pull geronimo in rolling hill when see his run and my hunch was completely right and I'm in serious WTF after see what happpened. LOL at SHINGODERP (TM). He really should stop wearing hat LOL.
I completely facepalm myself after see deja vu when see Takeda's run. WTF did you think to jump from there Takeda?!?!
And I almost had 3 consecutive WTF after Drew did the same thing in Rolling Hill. Glad that he made amazing save there.

Btw, keep up your good work. I can't wait to read next part.

oktow said...

I've been watching it all until the final on youtube .. but reading your article makes me happy laugh .. you write well .. I am waiting for the next part