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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sasuke 29 Official Airdate

June 11, 2013 - Replaced title with TBS logo announcement of official airdate

Sasuke 29 Official Airdate!

As was noted in my previous blog about the official announcement back in March, Sasuke 29 was to air "this summer".  Lost in Ube found a proposed airdate for Sasuke 29 to be Thursday, June 27th. Thanks to Ube to posted the "TV Guides" for June that indeed had the date and proposed time for Sasuke 29's airing in Japan.

(One of the television guides in Japan for the month of June, 2013) ©LostInUbe

According to the television listings for June that Ube found, The next SASUKE (tentatively titled SASUKE RISING 2013 Natsu) will air on June 27, 2013 19:00 to 21:54 JST on TBS.

Edit: Added TBS website information on both Tournament and Navi.

「SASUKE RISING 2013」ナビ番組
 Sunday, June 23, 2013
16:30 - 17:00 JST (4:30 PM local time in Japan)
Station: TBS (Japan)

3:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (SUNDAY Morning)
12:30 AM (Pacific Standard Time) (SUNDAY Morning - From Saturday night)

Additional time conversion


"Sasuke 29"
(Sasuke Rising 2013 Summer)
Thursday, June 27, 2013
19:00 JST (7:00 PM local time in Japan)
Station: TBS (Japan)

6:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (THURSDAY Morning)
3:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time) (THURSDAY Morning)

Additional time conversion

All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩, All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟, All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 and Mister Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 ©Konpiramal
(Photo from the 2011 Maguro Festival)

As of now I believe only 3 of the All-stars will be returning to Sasuke this time around.  Yamada (pictured above) is officially retired (again) and will not be competing in Sasuke 29.  I am assuming Akiyama is as well and we haven't seen Bunpei in a few years.  So for Sasuke 29 it is expected to see Takeda, Nagano and Shingo.  While I'm upset I won't see all 6 compete, I am happy they are returning.  The ratings for Sasuke Rising (28) the last time showed emphatically a lot of people just stopped watching the show when the All-stars were forced retired. I'm happy to see them back.

As of now actually a shorter show. Just under a 3 hour broadcast range. Since the date at least was correct we can assume that the time frame is about right.  We know already that the show still has to be taped then will be edited down so the exact timing won't be known for another couple of weeks when the full schedule comes out on the TBS online schedule page.  In the past it has fluctuated in minutes (both starting and ending).  Updated date and time for Sasuke Navi (Sasuke preview show) for the previous Sunda.  We don't know if there will be any additional specials before Sasuke 29's tournament airing.

Masashi Hioki 日置 将士,  2-Time Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3), Yuuichi Okada 岡田祐一, with a very blond Ryo Matachi  又地諒 (Cliffer #2) and Hitoshi Kanno 菅野仁志 ©Hitoshi Kanno

Btw for those unfamiliar with 2 STQ'ers of those above.  Hioki is the one that I said way back as the "lucky bastard that got Bunpei Shiratori to give a toast at his wedding".  While the guy in the middle named Okada was the guy that had his wife wind up the home-made Rolling Escargot by tying a rope to their mini-van! If you don't know the other 3.. then you haven't watched the show! I love the photos the New Generation put out on twitter when they are being goofy!

For the international viewers it is now a foregone conclusion that Sasuke is no longer worldwide. This.. makes me furious. Since G4TV is no longer in existence, Esquire has announced only ANW (and not Ninja Warrior) will be aired on it's station when it finally debuts in the USA. Coupled with that is the fact that NBC has boycotted Sasuke 28 and now 29.  Since G4TV was the station that edited and produced the Ninja Warrior format and now they are gone, it is still unclear if Sasuke will ever be sold worldwide.  No one outside of Japan has seen Sasuke Rising. :(  For those of us who watch this live as usual, a reminder to new viewers, TBS does not do repeats so if you plan on getting up early on Thursday morning start making your plans now since it's a weekday morning for us in the Western Hemisphere. All streaming information will always be handled by SMF and will not be posted on this site.


band97 said...

HAHA that's a great picture of the new generation!!!

Arsenette said...

I love these guys :) They are as colorful as the All-stars in their own way :)

jenn said...

1. Ryo, re: your hair: WTF. (shakes head at the fashion and style sense of Japanese men)

2. That said... (dies laughing at certain poses in said pics before noting that Okada's wife hasn't made him take down everything (thumbs up))

3. Yay for TBS airdate (makes mental note to show friends this). As for international viewing, I don't have cable anymore, so if this idea worked it would be for friends that do have cable, but does anyone know how well the ANW reruns did on SyFy? SyFy does air WWE, so you can argue that Ninja Warrior might work with their lineup if ANW reruns did okay, since I'm sure there's no way any non-NBC channel can get the rights to Sasuke.

Arsenette said...

Hey jenn!

1. LOL Agreed.
2. Yes :) I was curious about that too!
3. I think the fact that they don't want NW Japan anymore and refuse to send Americans over (and is of course stopping Japan for asking for them) is telling. They want ANW to be the ONLY way to get to "mount midoriyama".. but since they moved "mount midoriyama" here then we are stuck with the American version. Of course that makes me angry. Worse though is that no one is editing the 30 minute versions sold worldwide so 150 countries are suffering as well.

ad uk said...

So the tv guides in Japan are very organized we only know what's on a week before.
To my understanding sasuke 29 is to be filmed in a couple of days ?
Obviously I have my favourites (Takeda) but I wish all competitors the best.
I have asked Bellon entertainment if it's possible for challenge tv to get new episodes I'll let you know if I get any response. They are responsible for international sales I think ?
Who knows maybe European ninja warrior might send someone to number 30. ( if ENW happens) can't seem to find much other than a fall 2013 date but can't even back track that to eccholine.

Arsenette said...

Yeah my understanding it's within the week. Some conjecture on dates but honestly it's not an issue. The airdate only the TV guides have now so someone in TBS said something but didn't update their own site.. LOL We have a "general" gist here in the USA a month or so but nothing hard until about 2 weeks to go. No idea about NWE. They don't respond to anyone it seems. Really disappointed how disorganized they are.

Unknown said...

Sorry, Arasnette, I probably missed it, but any word if there were any Americans in 29 regardless? Sasukerising had Joseph Lobeck for example, on the youtube channel, and I believe 2? Americans in Sasuke 28 (which begs the question of whether the Americans from now on are only going to focus on ANW or if they will try to get into Sasuke through other means like Lobeck).

(and yes, I'm also not happy w/NBC's decision).

Thanks for all you do.

Arsenette said...

The director told me there were no Americans this time. I knew 3 were going in Sasuke 28 (only 2 managed to compete since 1 of them got injured) but this time none were coming at all. I'm furious about that myself but that is what was told to me.

Appreciate the kind words :) Thanks for visiting!

jenn said...

Going to back to reply when I had time...

2. I wonder if Mrs. Okada decided that it keeps him in shape and she doesn't mind his friends all hanging out there, so it was okay. (shrugs) As for the poses, I love it that Hioki and Okada are posing normally (and Ryo's pose, hair aside, is relatively normal also), while the other two aren't hiding their dorkage (and that's a good thing (g)).

3. I wish that the TBS/Comcast was such that TBS could get someone else to do the editing/repackaging for them instead. (sighs) As for the lack of Americans at this Sasuke, it might not just be Comcast's fault, as the whole bit about this being the ASEAN qualifier might have ruled someone not from that region out as well.