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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sasuke Rising (Sasuke 28) Official Airdate

Edited December 6: 2 Minute Trailer was added and in it's own blog.
Edited December 12: Sasuke Overseas program schedule.
Edited December 13: Updated with Sasuke Rising Navi program schedule.

Official promo of Sasuke Rising (Sasuke 28) ©TBS
 Back Row: Sasuke All Stars Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟, Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩, Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦, Makoto Nagano 長野誠 and (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己
Front Row: Comedians Wakky ワッキー and Kinnikun Nakayama なかやまきんに君

As was noted in my previous blog about the taping of Sasuke 28, Lost in Ube found a proposed airdate for Sasuke Rising to be December 27th.  Today it's finally confirmed that it is indeed the premiere date for Sasuke Rising (Sasuke 28) on TBS in Japan.


Sasuke Overseas
Sunday, December 16, 2012
16:00 JST (4:00 PM local time in Japan)
Station: TBS (Japan)
2:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (SUNDAY Morning)
11:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) (SATURDAY Night)
Additional Time Conversion


Sasuke Rising Navi (Preview Show)
Sasuke Rising 直前ナビ(仮)
Saturday, December 22, 2012
16:00 JST (4:00 PM local time in Japan)
Station: TBS (Japan)
2:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (SATURDAY Morning)
11:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) (FRIDAY Night)


A message to those using Twitter the day of the events. Please use the above Hashtags to see if we can get this to trend on twitter!  #SasukeRising


Sasuke Rising (via TBS Hot Jjyouhou)
Thursday, December 27, 2012
18:30 JST (6:30 PM local time in Japan)
Station: TBS (Japan)

4:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (THURSDAY Morning)
1:30 AM (Pacific Standard Time) (THURSDAY Morning)

Additional time conversion


Sasuke All Stars Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦, (Mr. Sasuke) Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己, Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩, Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟,  Makoto Nagano 長野誠 (with his son Kaiou 塊王)

As of now were not told exactly how long it was going to be but the preliminary reports Ube found was somewhere around the 3 1/2 hour broadcast range. Since the date at least was correct we can assume that the time frame is about right.  We know already that the show is still being edited so the exact timing won't be known for another couple of weeks when the full schedule comes out.  In the past it has fluctuated in minutes (both starting and ending) so I won't update until the actual schedule comes out (the week of the event).  We also don't know what is the date and time for Sasuke Navi. 

The new tournament is now officially called "Sasuke Rising" (but for all of us it's Sasuke 28 by chronological order).  This is the last tournament for the Sasuke All-Stars.  5 of the 6 Sasuke All-stars were scheduled to compete (Bunpei Shiratori being the only one not competing).  TBS also put out a couple press releases in addition to the Hot news on their international promotions site.  Of note was the confirmation of Ninja Warrior Europe taping next year. (Preliminary locations Scandinavia, Germany, Central Europe, Italy, Spain and France.)

Sasuke Rising Promo video

Edit: There were a couple promotions aired on TBS (morning news shows - Similar to our morning news shows like Today/Good Morning America, etc.).  The promotional videos were showcasing the new tournament taped last week and reiterating the premiere on TBS of December 27.

Sasuke Rising Promo video

For the international viewers we have no idea if we will ever see this tournament air.  Since G4TV is no longer in existence at the end of this year it is still unclear if Sasuke will ever be shown and subsequently sold worldwide. :(  For those of us who watch this live as usual, a reminder to new viewers, TBS does not do repeats so if you plan on getting up early on Thursday morning start making your plans now since it's a weekday morning for us in the Western Hemisphere. All streaming information will always be handled by SMF and will not be posted on this site.


lostinube said...

Both clips come from TBS morning shows (the equivalent of the Today Show in the US). Most likely they aired Tuesday morning.

Arsenette said...

Cool thanks. I wasn't sure of the timing of when it aired. That's why I called them promos. I'll change the timing on the write up. Thanks!

njdss4 said...

I wasn't aware that TBS didn't do repeats. Kinda seems like a waste to spend all that money to produce a show that will only air once. Here's hoping someone records it in good quality and makes it available to us online who won't be able to stay up all night to watch a small, choppy, pixelated KeyHole TV stream.

Arsenette said...

Standard policy in Japan. TBS' philosophy is that if it only airs once it raises the profile of a "can't miss" show. We here in the USA are used to endless repeats and DVD/Bluray sets to tie us over between seasons so it's a stark difference..

As for copies.. it usually takes less than a week for a pristine copy to be made available. For the live broadcast we kinda have to figure it out as it goes on. Between WIST and Justintv we usually get pretty good live streams.

ad uk said...

So pleased to see the all stars one last time.
Very disappointed not see uk on possible locations for ninja warrior Europe ( i will be to old to stand a chance by the time they do)

VenusHeadTrap said...

So Bunpei didn't show up at all? :( On the contrary I don't get why he's not competing. He's had that same knee injury that's prevented him from competing for how long? I'm under the impression that he could do it, but just doesn't want to. Cummon Bunpei, you don't HAVE to go all out!

Arsenette said...

Yeah ad uk I wasn't shocked though given how Challenge didn't even want to send someone to Sasuke 28 because they thought "sending a foreigner would dispel the appeal since foreigners are never in Sasuke".. even when I told them they have been there since Day 1 they came up with another lame excuse. Even when I told them about THIS they didn't say jack saying it's a Japanese show.. so yeah I'm angry and I'm not even a BRIT!

Bunpei's has had chronic disabling back problems ever since he blew it out a few years ago. He's been to doctors and they still can't figure it out why he's in so much pain. The knee thing was recent by comparison. His back has always been the major issue and quite frankly makes no sense to get further injured on Sasuke.. a television show.. even though fans have wanted to see him for years.

DutchNinjaPerry said...


And.what.does.this.mean; SMF?,please?!




Arsenette said...

Silly Perry.. you don't check links :p I Put a time conversion table so you can check your own area! Also it's the 27th not the 28th.

SMF: Sasuke Maniac Forums (it's on my links on the right side of the blog.) They take care of all of that stuff. Since all of that is streaming live stuff it's the same day as the broadcasts. I'll update the page (with the timezone conversion table) when I hear about any Sasuke Related shows like Navi.

LOL about the spaces but I appreciate you separating the words! One run-on paragraph would have freaked me out LOL!