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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - May 11/12

Sasuke Maniac - A 1/2 hour show that runs every Sunday night (into Monday) on TBS in Japan featuring Monster 9 events. Ube emailed me this week saying that the Maguro Festival (Maguro = Tuna for those of you at home) that Nagano helped coordinate (at least his company's (Takasui) section) would be on Sasuke Maniac this week! This would be the first time in almost 3 weeks that they didn't show some giggling girls racing for some competition Monster 9 is promoting and the first time they didn't rehash Sasuke 20! I returned to my trusty program to watch Japanese TV and enjoyed news and documentaries I can’t understand. :)

GROUP HUG! Toshihiro arrives last of the All-stars at the airport. (L-R Toshihiro Takeda, Makoto Nagano, Kazuhiko Akiyama and Katsumi Yamada)

Today is going to be interesting. Mother’s Day.. Had one family celebration yesterday (my Mom) and today (hubby’s Mom)… oh.. they should be arriving about the time I’m starting to type this.. show starts at oh.. 11:50 am (Eastern time since I'm in South Jersey) and they are supposed to be here at 12:30.. can we cut it THAT close? Praying the Maguro festival is first and the girls stuff is later.. please. Let it be that way.. Don’t want the in-laws coming in the computer room going “wtf…..” (edited to add that the entire show finished around 12:15 after and they did show up at exactly 12:30 pm so I did avoid the strange looks (well at least for that particular.. I am a strange daughter-in-law)) :p

Someone got a haircut.. Someone got a haircut.. (at least shaved on the sides and back and so the top is really spikey and long.. ) but.. Nagano of all people should be talking about hair.. wtf is up with Nagano's dye job? LOL Okay okay.. I won't mess with Nagano's Mr. Clairol Look.. (wait.. Pam says he's worth is so.. he must be Loreal..)

Ehem.. still on cloud nine over the Birthday gifts acknowledgments post that Nagano posted on his website. Doesn’t take much I’m sorry.. but still … I’m happy to see that he took time to thank us all on a project we enjoyed doing.. operation make Nagano smile worked quite well (and no we didn’t have a title for the project.. I’m just sayin…. lemme get to the blog before I embarrass myself even more than usual....)

Overhead view (part of the Preview) of the course Makoto Nagano designed for the Maguro Festival when he was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Maybe Nagano is trying to show TBS/Monster 9 that a LINER would be good for the ditches.. I mean c'mon... the pool is clean.. the septic sludge that is Sasuke's (and Takeshi's castle) is sooooo not hygienic.

Okay.. that was a freaky commercial with the bobblehead puppets…. Oh we just started! Yippee! (was going through withdrawal...) Yay airport pictures! Aparently Akiyama was first to arrive in Kagoshima (if that's where they all arrived to.. we'll just say airport because contrary to popular thought.. I don't KNOW everything :p That's Ube :D )

Uh.. Ube.. ere.. where did they arrive? LOL (my Hero Ube helped :) From the picture that is clearly Kagoshima Airport)

It was cute. One by one they all started arriving from each corner of Japan.

Poor Kazuhiko Akiyama.. I wonder how long he was there waiting (Akiyama came from Hokkaidō). Makoto Nagano was in his hometown of Kitaura (which is now Nobeoka in Miyazaki prefecture) that day doing a radio interview so I can only assume this is the same day he took this flight (Friday, April 25th) since the Festival started the following day (Saturday, April 26th and concluding on Sunday, April 27th, 2008).

Next to arrive was Mr. SASUKE himself, Katsumi Yamada (arriving from Hyōgo Prefecture, I can only assume - either way that's where he's from). (Picture L-R, Akiyama, Nagano, some bystander I can only assume and Yamada)

Last to arrive was Toshihiro Takeda (I can assume again coming from home - Gifu Prefecture). Here Nagano had just tossled his hair (see picture at the beginning.. they showed it in the Preview for the show) and he was reacting to it :)

Apparently whatever Toshihiro was talking about Akiyama found it hysterical.

Either Nagano is slow on the uptake.. likely.. er.. or he's laughing at Takeda's next funny statement. Akiyama is still enjoying himself :) So nice to see him so outgoing and smiling!

Toshihiro driving to the festival

Next they show the guys heading to the Festival. Toshihiro was driving (obviously the Cameraman in the front row riding shotgun) with Katsumi riding behind the cameraman and Kazuhiko next to him. I can only assume Makoto was already at the festival since dude was in the organizing commitee...

Ube.. you mean the Maguro Gyoza was 400 yen EACH????? Daaaayyyumn! (Ube corrected me - 8 for 400 yen.. that's more reasonable!)

Maguro Shishkebobs! (or Pinchos if you are a Rican.. trust me.. Pinchos are better :) )

The obligatory interviews before the event. Ube knows what the heck he's saying.. I don't.. Something about the festival being a good way to promote Sasuke or something rather.. I'm just staring at his eyes quint in the sun..
Katsumi smiling sheepishly.. reading Ube's blog made me understand he was quite nervous.
Strolling along to be a part of the 17th Annual Maguro Festival! (Takeda, Akiyama, Nagano with the new All-Star TShirt - sorry kids.. no Nagasaki in the All-Star lineup yet.. gonna have to wait to see if Sasuke 21 makes him one)
Oh.. now I know why he was nervous.. good call Ube.. we got a brokeback moment.. "oh.. can I feel your abs? mmmm.. you've been working out haven't you sweetie?" /sigh.. the price you pay for being man meat on display..
So.. will I look sexy in this picture? (check out the chick on the right.. suck up the stomach girl.. that's right.. don't breathe.. Is Nagano standing on his tippie toes? LMFAO!! (Yamada's shoulder, Akiyama, chick 1, Nagano's puny head, chick 2, Takeda)
Yay! Akiyama signing an autograph.. please mail me one! I want one I want one! Pleeeeassse?
LOL Nagano is a friggin' expert signing T'Shirts.. he's got it all set up stretching it to the right height and making it a pristine canvas :) Now the guy has to figure out if he wants to risk leaving a dirty shirt in his closet or try to wash the shirt and clear it of day old fish festival and sweat.. touch choice.. I'm thinking .. stick with stinky shirt :)
This woman cracks me up. Okay.. for the record.. I have been fortunate enough to meet famous people.. I have been fortunately to meet drop dead zomg gorgeous famous people.. I have NEVER acted like this.. okay.. I feel better.. happy thoughts happy thoughts.. Check out Nagano's and specifically Takeda's reactions... (I'm sure Takeda is happy he married a non-psycho-hose-beast)

I'm birthing kittens.. omg omg omg.. I can't breath..

RIGHT after these 2 pics were taken dudes just parted like the friggin' Red Sea.. Nagano just whipped to his right as fast as his legs would take him and Takeda ran the opposite direction leaving this hysterical basketcase (who apparently wants to marry Nagano... poor guy..) hyperventilating in front of the camera... Ube was good enough to decifer the babble and said that this chick wanted to marry him and it was like a dream come true to meet him. So.. who else wants to be famous and have some random chick walk up to you wanting to marry you? Wait.. I just asked men.. nvm.. I recant that..

Maguro Festival 2005 apparently (looking at what was written on the top right of the screen) showing the Globe Graps used in the festival. Maguro Festival 2005 showing the original warped wall used in the festival.
Maguro Festival 2005 showing the Rope used in the festival representing the final stage.

At first I did not understand what it was that was being shown and why .. then it started to make sense.. these were the old ones that were used in the previous events and Nagano added to it. Here are this year's new obstacles added to the course.

Maguro Festival 2008 showing the shin-cliffhanger (you know the one no one passed yet.. )

Maguro Festival 2008 showing the Spider walk (no trampoline to it so it's not the farking Jumping Spider.. Yamada should not have any trouble :p .. sorry.. couldn't resist)

Maguro Festival 2008 showing the Jumping bars

Maguro Festival 2008 showing .. wtf.. wait.. they are showing the pipe slider.. but the poles are facing.. oh what the heck.. Pipe Slider.. for dyslexic people.. (Ube said these were just monkey bars)

Maguro Festival 2008 showing all of the obstacles - Ube made sense of this for me :) (from his post - Salmon Ladder, Shin-Cliff Hanger, Spider Walk, Jumping Bars, Pipe Slider, Something that looks like the Swing Ladder, A pole that serves as a bridge (no idea), Plus the Lamp Grasper and Soritatsu Kabe for a total of nine obstacles)

Kawaiiiiiiiiiii Kazuhiko's big smiling face :) He looks great! He's finally coming out of his shell! Yay! He looks excited if not a bit nervous to be there! (checked Ube's log.. yeah he's saying he's nervous)

Nagano showing off jumping the wall in one motion and swooping up to the top. I think that's Takeda already up there.

Toshihiro rocking the Salmon ladder. Dude.. what is up with that killer bod Akiyama's sporting.. he back in shape the way he used to be? Hmmmm :) Hope that means he's coming back for Sasuke 21.. please please please let it be..

Akiyama's rocking back and shoulders.. /passes popcorn... oh. yeah he's doing the Cliffhanger :) (eta: Was so busy staring t his body that I didn't realize he was defeating the shin-Cliffhanger!)

Nagano and Takeda (shown) were outright laughing at the people wiping out. It's all in good fun but that has to be embarrasing for those poor souls trying their best. Heck.. I missed the shot of Nagano laughing on a microphone... I was laughing too hard myself..
Nevermind.. I found a picture of Nagano laughing at some poor soul.. and if it wasn't enough.. he decided to broadcast his laugh across a great distance.. he did it by microphone.. that bastard..

Nagano helping .. I think.. some guy climb the rope.

Ube's awkward moment.. and no he was not checking her out from below.. get your head out of the gutter boy! LOL Glad girls are even trying the Sasuke course! You go girl! She's doing better than the tarts trying out for Kunoichi.. oh wait... did I say that out loud?

Crowd participation was pretty high! Everything from taking pictures to actually participating on the course! Some were the usual wiping as you would expect.. but some kids actually showed them up! Was fun to see them being very familiar with the course and doing well!

Akiyama beeming. He looks great out there!

This seems like it was either the same night that they arrived in the airport or something... if not.. they are TOTALLY wearing the same thing they wore the night before.. I mean.. these are guys.. but still.. I think they are mixing the days up.

Yamada and Akiyama heading out to dinner for a guys night out!

Dunno why I didn't get this in my ogglegallery.. but Katsumi got stopped by a flock of people outside the restaurant. He was recognized.. (edited to add.. I found a couple pictures)

Katsumi right before he went inside the restaurant saying hello to the men who were bowing and saying hello.

The "MR. SASUKE" Guys that first recognized Katsumi outside the restaurant

The guys just basically yelled a bunch of Japanese words then "MR. SASUKE!!!!!!!!" and then a bunch of smiling, bowing, high fives, bowing.. .. zomg moment.. They finally go in and Nagano and Takeda were already getting buzzed :p

(counterclockwise) Akiyama, Yamada, Takeda and Nagano sharing drinks. Ube's complaining that Nagano and Akiyama are totally wussing out for not drinking beer :p

Toshihiro going full-bore on that beer! Nagano trying to eat while being interviewed.. Man.. does that man NOT have more long-sleeve shirts? Dude.. DO YOUR LAUNDRY! LMAO.. it's like a month of seeing him wear that New Mexico shirt LOL Chick who sent it to him must be on cloud nine! Stupid shirt got some serious mileage.. next time I see it it might have holes in it from the friggin' usage!

Then they cut from there and do some Muscle chick's from outer space.. no wait.. just stupid giggling women omg I can't do this omg I'm running thing.. crying through makeup.. you know.. stuff I can't stand.. So I get up.. walk around.. laugh about what I saw are realize I got friggin' half hour until Mom comes over.. crap.. but they might show something at the end.. going to have to risk it.. take out the glasses and paper plates for pizza lunch.. brb..

Toshihiro Takeda rocking out the shin-cliffhanger.. Dude did it! You go!

Yay! Now he can teach Levi how to jump it! And everyone else on that matter lol! (eta: Akiyama was the first earlier in the day to do it and now we can add Takeda to the list)

I'm glad I came back to check who and what were on the credits!!!!!!!!! Apparently it looked like a preview and I was right! Ube sent me a message that part 2 is going to air next week! ZOMG! When Makoto was interviewed just the day before he reaffirmed what had been in his website for over 2 months.. the fact that Shingo Yamamoto (and possibly but not sure, Bunpei Shiratori) was going to be at the Festival. I saw the initial pics and was dissapointed not to have seen him there... then I came back and saw this..

SHINGO SHINGO SHINGO!!!!! Yay! First time in history baby! Shingo Yamamoto actually does something outside of Sasuke! Dude you rock!

Shingo is doing the pipe slider and Toshihiro and Makoto look on.

Makoto doing the jumping bars...

Right off the jumping bars.. running full sprint around the corner...

.. hits trampoline and up on to a pole.. not sure where the pole went.. they cut to Toshihiro.. (and frankly wasn't paying attention because I was too busy screaming to my hubby SHINGO SHINGO SHINGO! LOL)

Toshihiro's turn to do the jumping bars..

Not sure where he was coming from or going to but Toshihiro is pumping up the crowd!

Final shot of the show for Mother's Day :) Yay Toshihiro!

Anywho.. for those who want to see any of the other Sasuke Maniacs that came out that I blogged:

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.. and of course the Sasuke 20 Spoilerific review!

Remember always Ube does a MUCH better job (See his blog.. it rocks.. - link always on the top left side of my blog or Lost in Ube blog link .. Also.. my previous Sasuke related posts can always be accessed through the tags under Sasuke or Sasuke Mania ;)

Have a spectacular Mother’s Day!

(P.S. Edited as many typos as possible and got some answers from Ube)


pamwax said...

Great job

tricia said...

Does Yamada look different to you? Doesn't look as chiseled?

GREAT job!

Arsenette said...

Thanks guys :) I really enjoyed putting it together :) After a hectic weekend it was nice to have fun doing this!

After basically going off on someone on the G4 boards about how much I hate Yamada .. friggin' bastard looks HOT! I mean he barely fit on that T'Shirt.. I think he's taking too many tips from Nagano and applying his clothing from an aerasol can... I still crack up with that guy coping a feel.. that's just.. wrong..

That and I'm still floored about Akiyama. He looked great! He's no longer sitting in a corner trying not to be noticed. He's out there and taking off his shirt (thank you....) and rocking the Cliffhanger! Now I REALLY feel like seeing him come back and annihilate stage 1-2 so he can try that out on the real thing!

lostinube said...

I missed the beginning so I didn't know where they were meeting at but from your pictures, it's quite clearly Kagoshima Airport.

Gyoza was 8 for 400 yen.

The unknown Swing Ladder-like obstacle is simply a set of monkey bars (うんてい or 雲梯) according to Nagano's model.

I believe the next SASUKE Maniac is going to be the second part of the Maguro Festival and the final part of the Muscle Queen competition (Go Kayo!) so I have no idea what will be on tap from the 25th. Perhaps SASUKE qualifiers?

Arsenette said...

Thanks Ube! I edited and added your corrections! Thanks for reading and updating me on the questions I had :) I added a couple more pictures that someone was nice enough to make available for me :)

Can't wait for next week! I wanna see Shingo! So is it my imagination or that makes it the first time Yamamoto shows up to one of these outside-of-Sasuke events? I hope also that Shiratori was able to show up. The day before (as you pointed out by translating the radio interview) that Nagano knew definately the first 3 (Yamada, Takeda and Akiyama) were coming.. with Yamamoto a maybe and Shiratori a perhaps.

Pittsburgher said...

I think Shingo Yamamoto was there for part of the earthquake relief event they did last year (in Takeda-san's area). I thought I saw him in the photos.

Kudos to you and Ube for your great blogs!

Arsenette said...

Thanks Pitts :)

The only thing I found about last year's thing in Gifu was this:

And Shingo wasn't in these photos (just Takeda, Nagano and Yamada).

Pittsburgher said...

I think you're right. I took another look at the picture I thought was from the earthquake relief and the Sasuke tower is in the background :-) Good to see him getting involved with some of the other activities too.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Marvelous post, as usual, Elsie. Loved it! Thanks.

Arsenette said...

Thanks SKW!

Ah okay Pitts :) I really wish he'd go to more of these.. could be a work thing since I'm sure he does a lot of weekends.