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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Rambling Rican Interview - Neil Weare

Direct Link to Rumble video

Rambling Rican interview with Attorney Neil Weare from Equally American ( which focuses on advocacy for the Insular cases (i.e. US Territories/Colonies) discussing the latest cases before the United States Supreme Court.

This is an informal discussion about where we are now in terms of legal challenges to the 124+ year old Insular Laws. A century after the Spanish American War and how colonies like the 5 inhabited unincorporated territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Island Territories) still persist without the right to become states and more importantly be equal citizens under the law of the United States.

Neil is part of the Legal team that represented John Fitisemanu who is from American Samoa and recently was denied by the Supreme Court to challenge the fact that he is not an American Citizen just because he was born in American Samoa. We discuss that case and others like it as we try to understand what cases may in the future finally overturn the Insular Cases.

Links: United States v. Vaello-Madero 

SCOTUS site -

Other links: Fitisemanu vs. United States 

Video recorded on November 21, 2022


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