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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Videogame Hangout - "Back from a hiatus to talk about videogame censorship"

Published November 14, 2018

Title: Videogame Hangout - "Back from a hiatus to talk about videogame censorship"
Episode 5
Recorded on October 18, 2018

Hosts Arsenette, her husband Don join friend and fellow Animation Hangout partner William on a informal chat talking all things gaming! Videogames whether on Console, computer or even mobile! We share our passion for gaming.
A schedule is not set for this podcast though I would expect every couple months?  Depends on what we are playing and what we want to share.

This is Episode 5 where we cover games we played during June, 2018 - October, 2018




Show notes:
0:00 Theme song
0:37 Introduction - We're back from the summer break!

1:40 William talks about the games he has been playing over the summer.

12:00 William talks about a gaming convention he went to.

16:00 William gushes about Splatoon 2

25:00 We talk about the Nintendo subscription service on the Switch console.

27:15 Don talks about the games he has been playing over the summer.'s_Sky_Next

35:30 Don talks about giving God of War a break

40:40 Don talks about also giving Monster Hunter World a break (and why)

49:40 Don talks about going back to Final Fantasy XI after a 9 year hiatus.

1:02:10 William asks if there is anything in this game (FFXI) that could appeal to someone who doesn't play MMO's.

1:11:00 Arsenette Takes over and talks about her experience in FFXI and what has changed and update on where they are so far.

1:18:00 William has a couple things to add that he missed earlier.

1:20:00 We discuss some highlights/lowlights to E3 and Nintendo Directs.
William is REALLY looking forward to Smash Brothers 5 for the Nintendo Switch

1:30:00 Arsenette complains about the joycon controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

1:35:00 William talks about his history with Pokemon (games).

1:39:00 William talks about the future Switch games that he is looking forward to and then switches to game censorship which is rampant (again) of late.

1:52:00 New console cycle about to begin sooner than expected?  William asks Don and Arsenette to place bets on a crucial question regarding E3 2019.
2:00:00 William asks which Final Fantasy game (of his collection) should he play first? (He has never played a Final Fantasy game before)

2:08:00 William bought a Japanese Playstation 2 finally!

2:09:00 Closing
2:10:50 End

Editor: Arsenette

Music Credits:
"Corporate Intro 1" by DL Sounds

Visual animation:
"Future Orange Internet www web 2319" by Pixabay

Thumbnail: William

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