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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Starting in Vanadiel - 2018 - Starting tips 101: Trusts ROV, ROE

Published October 17, 2018

A collection of tips on how to get started playing Final Fantasy XI on PC.  I've noticed that there are very few videos for new players (or old returning players that are new to this content) and decided to walk you around showing you NPC's that are helpful when first starting out.  I recorded this on October 16, 2018.

In this video I cover Records of Eminence (Sparks, money tips, equipment options, xp gains, bonuses), Trusts (where to get them, how to start getting them and how to use them), Rhapsodies in Vanadiel (helpful storyline that streamlines the process of acquiring useful unlocks for any player both starting and veteran) and show starting NPC's that are useful for a brand new character or even a returning one that has never started this content.

Continuation of our journey back to Vanadiel after a 9 year break.  We were unable to recover our old accounts so we went ahead and started with brand new characters.  Finally got a new account set up and recorded a bit of the first week of play in the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called Final Fantasy XI.  I included game footage of our play sessions showing a bit of issues I have with recording the footage. I apologize that the video isn't great.  I'm currently working on a solution.  As of the recording my husband and I are Rank 5 in San d'Oria, got our sub jobs open, our mounts and currently working on LB2!

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