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Monday, July 9, 2018

Animation Hangout - "Taking a Box Peek and Unlike Evangelion.. I like this!"

Published July 9, 2018

Title: Animation Hangout - Episode 5 "Taking a Box Peek and Unlike Evangelion.. I like this!"
Recorded on June 4, 2017

Hosts Arsenette, her husband Don join friend and former Final Stage Podcast partner William on a informal chat talking all things animation, anime, cartoons as we share our passion for animation.

This is Episode 5 where we continue to review an anime we haven't seen and as part of the show we review more episodes from "Shirobako" and "Mr. Osomatsu" along with other topics including news in the world of animation.




Show notes:
0:00 Theme song
0:30 Introduction
1:45 Catching up with each other since the Episode 4

2:31 William talks about the preview episode of a new series called "Box Peek" made by Easy Allies. The series is a Papercraft puppetry animated series.

10:40 Don talks about 2nd Godzilla Monster Planet movie on Netflix and explains why there is animation instead of live action on this particular series (much to Arsenette's displeasure).
17:20  Don's hot take: "Unlike Evangelion.. I like this!"

18:40 Arsenette finished Ancient Magus' Bride and was disappointed by the 2nd cour.

20:28 Arsenette is happy that Funimation is releasing "Star Blazers 2199" (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) on Bluray at the end of July! - Season 1 (Amazon Affiliated link)

Funimation and Crunchyroll airing Season 2 of the series as a simulcast.
Arsenette laments the change of her favorite character of all time - Treleina/Teresa from Season 2 "Comet Empire".

27:10 William's got stuff! Splatoon has a manga!
Reference: Crayon Shin-chan.
29:20 William has been continuing to watch Black Clover and enjoying it!

35:45 The problem in anime right now: How many anime are airing JUST during Spring, 2018?

37:15 Both Arsenette and Don are watching Season 2 of Overlord.  Don is reading the light novel - Volume 1 of light novel (Amazon Affiliated link)
Season 3 is already announced!
Reference: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory!

44:00 Funimation licensed RE:Zero - Season 1 - Part 1 (Amazon Affiliated link) - Volume 1 - Light Novel (Amazon Affiliated link)
46:00 Funimation's track record on simuldub vs. Bluray release.
Arsenette and Don talks about Re:Zero and why she thinks there is a generational gap as to the reception of this series.

55:50 Studio Ghibli lost one of it's founders: Isao Takahata has died.

Part of an ongoing series - where we watch show each hasn't seen:

58:45 Arsenette is reviewing "Osomatsu-San" or "Mr. Osomatsu" - Episodes 16-20
Arsenette and Don actually LIKED some of the episodes!

1:22:45 William is reviewing "Shirobako" - Episodes 17-20 (Middle of the "Third Aerial Girls Squad" arc) - Season 1 (Amazon Affiliated link)
William really likes this series by contrast!
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

1:45:00 Shirobako's movie was announced!

1:46:50 Closing
1:49:07 End

Music Credits:
"Cartoon Bank Heist"
YouTube Royalty Free Creator Sound Library
by: Doug Maxwell: Media Right Productions

Visual animation:
"Film Reel Animated Background" by Videvo

Editor: Arsenette
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