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Saturday, April 1, 2017

9 year anniversary for Rambling Rican!

New website banner!

Happy 9 year anniversary! I totally forgot to update my banner.. yeah.. Last year I had a long post about my history.  This year is a restructuring of sorts.  I posted a looooooooong video of why I'm quitting Sasuke (current) and focusing on Sasuke (past) as I start writing my book in earnest.  I will always love Sasuke and more importantly it's people.  I've made a lot of friends because of this show and despite the politics and other junk, I will never abandon that love for my friends.  I was so happy to have taken some of the photos I posted on my new banner.  The rest are from Yuusuke Morimoto (the 2 on the left) and my friend Dr. Cathi Jones (Yuuji on left and Sasuke All-Stars on the right). I hope to continue doing stuff on Rambling Rican and sharing the years of memories I've had with these wonderful people.  I hope you continue to support me as I go through this transition. I'm not going anywhere, but the view might be a wee bit different.

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