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Friday, September 9, 2016

Recent updates and such

Graphic for Episode 17 - Link to post

I'm such an idiot.. AGAIN I totally forgot to post about the latest podcast William and I do once a month on Final Stage Podcast.  It wasn't as long last last month! There's a lot we covered as in addition to a full obstacle discussion for Sasuke 32 we touched on other topics for 2 hours and 30'ish minutes. Feel free to read the shownotes on the page I updated with photos and links to topics we talked about during the podcast.  The podcast is always available on YouTube, iTunes and Podbean.  I'm happy so far we are getting a positive response to the podcasts each month. It really does bring a smile to our faces whenever people say it.  This month also we pose a question at the end.  Be sure to leave us feedback on the links we provide. We love to hear it! ♥
I'm working on the videos chronicling the trip to Japan. I'm attempting to do a better job in producing each video. I should have one out within a week.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you know when they are up! ♥

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