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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rambling Rican Youtube interview with VenusHeadTrap

VenusHeadTrap Interview with me on Youtube (Part 1)

For those who follow VenusHeadTrap on Youtube, you might know him for all the great video montages, commentary and tributes he's painstakingly put together through the years.  He's been wanting to get an interview with me for a while but I wasn't sure if we'd have much to talk about.  Now with the upcoming Sasuke 28 and the retirement of the Sasuke All-stars.. there was plenty to talk about!  Fair warning.. I talk a lot.. (thus the reason why I named this blog "rambling")

VenusHeadTrap Interview with me on Youtube (Part 2)

Second half of the interview.. yep.. I'm still talking.. LOL  Either way thanks to VenusHeadTrap for a painless interview. I wasn't sure what to think but as usual the Sasuke community can be such a community to share our thoughts about our passion.


ad uk said...

Has to be said that interview reminded me of something ( bevis & butthead )

But it was very interesting in particular the possible problems with DVD music. Never would of crossed my mind

Does concern me the possible lack of repeat competitors I always hope they show up

VenusHeadTrap said...

@ad uk, the reason the interview reminded you of Beavis & Butthead was because the song I used in between videos is by AC/DC ;)

Hi again RR! Our little chat talk has become fairly popular on YouTube :) I'm really glad it happened. Thanks again for a wonderful time! I wasn't sure of it before, but you really are the gallant entrepreneur of all things M9 and TBS, Elsie!

Arsenette said...

I'm actually quite surprised how many people listed to it.. I mean.. the WHOLE thing.. LOL It has become popular.. Happy though it was all about Sasuke and not how bad my voice is.. LOL!!!