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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sasuke Rising! Official Sasuke 28 announcement


SASUKE 28 Announcement!!

After months in off-season the Sasuke season has begun again!  If you remember my post from back in April, 2012 there was mention that Sasuke 28 was in the works for this year after the months of uncertainty with the bankruptcy of Monster 9 back in November, 2011.  At long last after a looooong break (Since Sasuke 27 was taped in July, 2011 and aired in October, 2011) it's awesome to see TBS officially announce Sasuke 28 in grand fashion and in TWO languages!

(Japanese page - Entry information)
2 locations and dates for auditions:
October 20, 2012 - Osaka, Japan
October 21, 2012 - Tokyo Japan

SASUKE began as a special feature of another program back in 1997. It soon became a huge hit for TBS, and the 27th SASUKE tournament was broadcast in October 2011. Now it's back, and TBS has planned a highly anticipated special program for the New Year holiday break.

In the 15 months since the last broadcast, TBS has put a new production team in place, reconfigured the obstacles, redesigned the program, and provisionally given it a new name: SASUKE RISING (tentative).

In recent years, SASUKE has won fans not only in Japan but around the world. The US version Ninja Warrior and the spin-off American Ninja Warrior have achieved nationwide acclaim. SASUKE has taken off worldwide, with hit versions in Malaysia and Singapore created with local athletes, and popular localized versions in South Africa, Turkey, and throughout Europe. Today SASUKE content is broadcast in 157 countries and territories. Athletes from all over the world are expected to vie for a chance to come to Japan and compete in the new SASUKE RISING.

Plans are in place for large-scale auditions for the new program in Tokyo and Osaka in mid-October, with an all-new set of criteria for qualification. Details will be published on the TBS website.

In recognition of the international renown SASUKE has achieved, TBS is launching a global publicity campaign to share the news of the upcoming event. In addition to press releases, TBS will be connecting with SASUKE content broadcasters and fans worldwide through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Comment by Chief Producer Hiroki Kikuno

"SASUKE began as the Olympics of the unknown. Many competitors are ordinary working people who dedicate themselves to building the enormous physical and mental strength required to take on this daunting obstacle course. Once again, in SASUKE RISING, we will tell the story of these brave warriors who come from every walk of life, showcasing the passion they bring to the challenge and the drama that emerges. Whatever you do, don't miss the action on SASUKE RISING!"


There are additional articles popping up faster than I can keep track of but there's one from TBS on their "hot" news with the combined information (in Japanese).   So for now, Trials of some sort in October in Japan.  Airing of Sasuke 28 on TBS sometime during New Years! Sasuke's new Producer is 菊野浩樹 Hiroki Kikuno while 乾雅人 Masato Inui is the Director. Masato was one of the early Sasuke directors though he has not directed a Sasuke in about 8 years.

Lost in Ube Entry 

Btw we are still unsure how the international entries will be handled.  So once we know that I'll post it on here.


ad uk said...

Oh my ! Got to be the closest thing in recent times to a invite to international competitors. Fingers crossed please please uk

Arsenette said...

Pester challenge. They think they can't send anyone because it was for Japanese.. just check their twitter comments..

Rufus said...

Someone posted the TBS recruitment ad on the Facebook fanpage and I was all "well that's a bunch of BS because it's not on Rican's blog." Then it appeared on Ube's blog and I got worried because you still hadn't posted anything. AND NOW IT'S HERE!!! Bout time! ;)

Arsenette said...

LOL I have an ear infection so I turned in early and missed the news last night :p teehehehehehe

Unknown said...

Sooo excited but not sure when we will get the show here at the UK !

Boiling Pot said...

This quote from SMF sums up my own thoughts quite nicely:

"Sasuke Rising? Dafugg?

I swear, if this turns out to be some wacked up shizz I'm gonna be po'd"

This way this news has been announced, it sounds like a reimagining of the show.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

...well, I guess the ratings/bankruptcy stuff did break it a little bit. :P

Hopefully Sasuke's core values will remain.

DutchNinjaPerry said...

Finally, a chance for competitors around the world who can compete with the obstacle course competition in Japan. Sasuke Rising is going to be awesome! The American Ninja Warrior version only allows US Citizens to compete, so me living in The Netherlands, is very upset about that.. Now this news is great! Look out for me at Sasuke Rising or American Ninja Warrior in 2016, the first Dutch competitor representing the Netherlands:D Can't wait to see the new obstacles and ofcourse... the Japanese Allstars!!! I'm so excited

Arsenette said...

Hey guys :) Sorry - had comment moderation to keep up with the bots.. LOL
Agreed Lisa B. I want it in the UK. Bug the hell out of Challenge. I know I am.. ;)
Definitely agreed Boiling point. I hope the key elements that made Sasuke the show I love stays..
DutchNinjaPerry! OMG yes I want more international participation! If you find out more about that please let me know. There are so many people left out just because of that foreign clause they added a few years ago. Now with M9 gone I hope it's gone too..

Jelena said...