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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sasuke related updates

Final Stage of Sasuke

We are officially less than a week away from the Sasuke 27 taping in Japan. Sasuke 27 FINALLY is taping on Monday, July 18th after a 9 month break from the last tournament. That's good news for all of us hoping this show continues... especially after that scare back in January that has yet to be quashed in the Japanese press.. Praying for a nice high rating so we can finally stop worrying about the demise of the show. Sasuke Trials also is finally taping on Saturday, July 16th. We expected it sometime in June but it's a couple days before Sasuke. Good luck to the brave souls who were invited! Seems only 60 were invited to participate (out of over 1000 entries) and 8 will be going to Sasuke 27. I'm happy that some guarantee about how many are going to Sasuke is made. In the past it was who was able to survive and they've even had a year where only ONE survived. Given the disproportionate amount of Americans that have been going (whenever ANW is around) it's good to balance it out with the Japanese trials like so.

As of today's date we know only a few things for certain. There will be at least 11 American entries. 10 of those from American Ninja Warrior (which completed taping in early June, 2011), and 1 American who won the auction from way back in May, 2011 (who has yet to be identified by name). There will be One Malaysian who won his spot from Sasuke Malaysia in May, 2011. 8 Sasuke Trial competitors (taping on Saturday). No word on how many All-Stars, etc. I'm sure starting Tuesday we will get an idea who managed to compete. I'll be trying to get a list of appearances to look forward to. Monster 9 and TBS are notoriously difficult in actually promoting who is in their shows.. so we'll have to see.

Hopefully we'll be able to get more official information soon. .. including an official TBS airdate.. It's just as difficult as it has been in the past so please be patient.


Anonymous said...

As always thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

I hope there will be a Sasuke 28.

OregonGirl said...

I come here for updates on Sasuke. I am excited to see there WILL be another one (NOT so excited about ANW, but the way I see it is, if there is an ANW there WILL be a Sasuke.) Thanks for the update. GO NAGANO!!

Arsenette said...

So sorry I haven't updated this lately. Thanks guys for your comments. Once I get air times for TBS I'll post it but it will be a while from now. I might do an update post this week as to what is known so far.

Anonymous said...

I have been checking your twitter to keep up to speed but were the photos of takeda and Lee and the others from the most recent comp ( I hope so )

Arsenette said...

I will most likely do a post this week. Been busy just about every weekend alternating with being sick.. LOL

Thanks though :) I'll post them at some point this week.