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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tribute to Puerto Rico

Last night a few of us in the Sasuke Fans Site were up and talking about.. oh.. just about everything :) We ended up talking about tree frogs and I got all nostalgic about Puerto Rico. It's a love hate relationship considering my involvement with Figure Skating (long story.. and I don't have the heart to talk about it right now...) but last night I was nostalgic.

This is a Coquí - Video from YouTube
For those of us born outside the island (I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).. THIS is the sound we crave when going "home". I was born in the United States (first Generation) while my parents were born on the Island of Puerto Rico. I remember when I moved to the Island, when I was 15 years old to live with my Aunt, that after a couple months.. I no longer "heard" them as they started to sing (usually starting around 5 pm'ish and going on all night). For the first month or so I was sitting at home and I would hear the first Coquí start to sing while my Aunt and her kids would look at me strange... only when they stopped everything they were doing and strained to listen would they hear the first calls. Around 7pm all bets are off as they start singing by the millions. If it's raining.. they can start singing early in the morning! I was so depressed when I didn't hear them start singing.... It was after I returned to the US and got used to the deafening silence of the evening that I can hear the Coquí's again start singing when I return to the Island.

Slideshow of Puerto Rico created by arevir99rivera - Video from YouTube
I found this link on YouTube. I adore it for many reasons. I love the song "Preciosa" (which means "Precious" or in this instance "Beautiful" - relating to the sheer beauty of Puerto Rico) as resung by Marc Anthony (it's a remake of a oooooooooooold song that my parents grew up with sung by famous composer Rafael Hernandez). The Marc Anthony remake really takes it's own flavor around 3 minutes in and was done quite well! When I heard he was going to remake the song I threw my hands up in the air in dismay... I was pleasantly surprised how close he kept the first part of the song close to the flavor of the original. The Ricans born outside of the Island sing the second part of the song usually so loud that we go horse (is that the way I spell that word?). The second part of the song is a tribute to Rafael Hernandez and poses how those born out of the Island inherited their love for the Island because we carry it in our blood and will always love the Island of Puerto Rico.


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

What a beautiful video. Glad you posted it here. I get a little nostalgic for FL sometimes. But when I go back there, I find it isn't what I remembered at all. It has changed so much. MY Florida is totally gone now. It exists only in my memories.

Arsenette said...

Oh I've done that as well SKW.. Every time I go it changes.. kinda happens since the island is only 100 miles by 30 miles.. /sigh..

tricia said...

Something about those little green things that takes you back in time. Mine time is to last night.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hey Elsie, I love this post, but c'mon! Do a new one, kay? How about those silly Japanese commercials? Or the new Sasuke maniac or something?
Hey, you feelin' okay or what? (hear that said with a heavy brooklyn accent)
Love you!

Arsenette said...

LOL I'll think of something :p